Welcome to the Chaos Factory, home of Alice RoseWaters...as well as five Chaos Faeries, her werewolf cousin, his vampire boyfriend, a handful of ghosts, an escape artist cat, a couple dragons and one horny spider...god help us all.

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Chaos Factory
Strange Vibrations

This skit is based off how my head started to vibrate slightly one day

Hand drawn and inked
Colors and text added with photoshop

(C) 2011 AJ Angelique, me
keep working on your art skills kid
Sometimes I wonder if my own poop does that at work

Also! I'm planning on submitting Chaos Factory to a couple publishers once I've changed out all the colors for tones, so wish me luck and I'll let you know how everything turned out
June 30th, 2011
inspired by one of inner monologues related to a religious friend nagging me about stuff he has no clue about *heavy sigh*

ps: personally, i love shrimp. but it does say in the bible that we're not suppose to eat it
It's official!! Chaos Factory is now a comic book with full color art work, never seen before character profiles and each skit has been given its proper title ^_^

Order your trade back copy today for $6.66 or download for $3.33 on lulu.com today
March 29th, 2011
ewww :)
March 28th, 2011
based on an actual moment between me and mys sister last month when we were snowed in...

hand drawn and inked
colors and text added with photoshop
(C) 2011 AJ Angelique, me
fellow artist
Good job with the color. I suck with color but that's just me.
I'm running a twitter contest to promote my latest book, Angel W. Everyone has from Dec 14 until Jan 1 to enter the contest and win a free autographed copy of the book! Everyone who enters the contest will get a autographed Angel W mini poster card.

All the contest details can be found on my blog - http://aj-angelique.livejournal.com/123344.html
November 9th, 2010
It's official, my sister and I will be attending Izumicon this year where we will be hosting a table in the artist alley! Come see us at the Tangled Web Studios booth for MSD/Yo-sd clothes, character switch plates, "We're Toast" key chains, copies of my books "Rose Petals and Ash" and "Lady Cy", free Chaos Factory bookmarks and free previews of my latest book "Angel W"
An Attack of the Show tribute: Cat Driving a Truck
starring Sushi and Tobacco ^_^
September 21st, 2010
Moral: Tobacco loves to be petted but hates to be held
That's my cat in a nutshell *sighs*
Based off my favorite dumbest criminal story ^_^
Here is the colored version of semienigma's gift art of Terra! I love all the colors she used but slightly disappointed that she forgot to put the sunflower on Terra's shirt

You can view this piece here on DeviantArt
Just another piece of fanart to keep everyone happy. This one of several pieces from ZIM402 back in the early days of Chaos Factory.

If you'd like to view this piece, you can here to her page on DeviatArt
Hello my darlings, no comic this week because of a emergency doll dress commission (as in it got lost in the mail and i have to make a whole new one by hand) So I'm going to delight you with some fanart this week.

First up we have a lovely sketch of Terra by on Semienigma DeviantArt. You can view this beauty here on DeviantArt
August 10th, 2010
That a pic of me holding my own phone, but since all the pics turned out too blurry i had to mock up the screen so you could read thew message me and everyone else following Yaoi-con through twitter got.

The first thought that ran through my head was "that's going to make for a memorable con", which inspired this page. So here's my salute to yaoi-con, which I won't be able to make this year
August 4th, 2010
I'm baaaack!
True story. My sister and I watched that movie, we were mildly disturbed by it and as we went t bed our cats were crying for the next five minuets the cats were crying with fear. It's official, the cats are no longer allowed to watch horror movies
Little witty slogans my family and I have come up with when a building gets converted into a church ^_^