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Life and times of a couple.


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chika (Guest)
November 20th, 2014
Doom Bubbles!!!!
I was thinking about you the other day...'cause someone mentioned something about starting up comics again...then i remembered that i had a comment from you but i forgot how to log into this site. LOL. but then i just realized (yes, 6 months LATER.....) that i could just sign in as a guest. duh. LOL! How are you!!? Hugs! Holy Moley. What the heck? You're a scientist now? LOL. that's...different....but so cool. I love science, but not really smart enough to understand it. haha! Did you start that blog? Let me know. Love your sense of humor. :P Any more comics??? Hmm. maybe you won't get any alerts 'cause I signed in as a guest. I probably should find out how to get back on as me. lol! Good to hear from you! hah. i just read the comment i wrote before and see that i was still an idiot. LOL. now i'm a senile idiot. LMAO. i should have read that first....then i would have realized that i could have just signed in as a guest in the first place. man, getting old sucks!!! ;) Hope all is well with you. maybe i'll get a reply in another year. I'll check back. haha! Take care, you! :)
Ha, a solid year later I've checked back. I haven't got alerts set up so I had no idea you replied :p.
Hugs and fives!

I get a nostalgia hit now and then and snoop around the site and the comics I used to frequent. I was just having another such nostalgia hit today and dammit, I juuust missed out on replying an exact year late :p

I never really did succeed at comic-ing, i'm too procrastinatey. It's okay though, because now i'm a scientist! It's kind of like comics, but instead of drawing, I stick electrodes to people. Though, I'm thinking of starting a blog which will likely be part comic, because I still love to draw in the corner of my notebooks :p

How're you, Chika?
doom Bubbles!!!!
@doom Bubbles: hey!!!!!!!!! how's it going?? (hugs!!) oh wait. sorry. Maybe that was too personal. LOL. HI FIVE! :D holy moly. You still remember this comic? LMAO! Yes, it's been a while.....too long...that I forgot my sign in name and password, so I have to sign in as a guest until I figure it out. haha. Are you still doing comics? Love the new guy there. Is that you? :) I've moved twice since, I think. I'm now in Hope, BC. I haven't seen a notification for this comic in a LONG when I heard the email "bing" on my phone and it said it was from Smack Jeeves and from "doom Bubbles", I was like, "holy crap. that guy is still alive??" hahaha... Yeah. I should get the comic up and running again. I get harassed all the time. :P Hope all is well with you. Thanks for keeping in touch. Now I need to snoop around to see what you've been up to. ;) Take care!
@Pyrone: Hey! what the heck? i don't remember getting a notification about your comment. sorry!! i'm usually pretty good about replying. :( Thanks for checking out my comic.'s been a while... :P
Heh, even if it hasn't been updated in 7 years, I'm glad this comic is still online.

Twas a good'un.
Hope life is good, wherever you are, Chika!
I love the series
I read the whole series in a night I was that hooked. Pitty you stoped making comics though, I'm bookmarking and checking in now and then to see if you have made any :D
hi kristin funny
August 30th, 2009
hi celery
thanks for your nice comments! lol. sorry for the late reply. i haven't done my comic in a while...
the comic is about me and my husband, actually... and a lot of the comics are based on true stories. (yes, we are weird people) LOL! i am pregnant with my daughter, Chantelle, in the current comics, but in real life, she's SIX now. haha.. i'm WAAAAAAAAY behind. I keep on saying i will start up again...but it's been 3 years or so. >grin< maybe when i get my house organized. haha. ok. that will never happen... so......maybe in the summer? :D

thanks again for checking the comic out!

hey i think you are pretty talented..... love your stuff, a little jelous always wanted to do comics... but whatever. your bunny comic is cute and funny love it.. so want it on my fridge, husband would love this!!!! do you have inspiration for your comics characters???
Eyelash extensions are an entirely new method of enhancing the length and thickness of eyelashes.
Beauty is not just about the hair and face, but also the nails and other parts of the body.
hey! im a violent asian chik too! humph~ ya gotta make a new comic!
chika- i am just laughing my head off right now with the 3 kids reading your comics as we are gathered around the computer- of course some i shouldn't be reading to them like the toilet one, but we are having a great time reading them and I AM IN A STATE OF SHOCK STILL THAT YOU ARE A COMIC ARTIST!!! i had no idea!!! i cannot believe we have been getting to know eachother for a couple of months now and you have never mentioned this- you are sooooo talented and hilarious chika! wow! well i will get the kids to bed now- the kids are all screaming "awwwwwww"- wow..... still amazed at your alter ego...
Teresa (Guest)
February 11th, 2008
oh my god chika you are sooooooo talented! - i had no idea you were hiding this talent- i am so very amazed and impressed!- that is just incredible chika- i am stunned- wow!!!!....
January 21st, 2008
i will... i will... i know i always say that...but THIS time i will... okay, i say that a lot too... lol... umm... i....will....try? :D *sheepish grin*
January 21st, 2008
hi hyper sophie...
LOL! sorry! don't be mad! lol. I just got a new tablet yesterday...I haven't set it up yet because something is wrong with the router or something. I'm not lying or making excuses this time. (not that I was lying last time.. haha. making excuses, yes, lying- no. lol) Dave has been pestering me everyday. I'll do it! I'll do it! lol. We also got a new printer/scanner thingie too, and that's not working either. :( Dave says life sucks. lol. "baby" is 5 years old now. LOL. yeah, i guess it's about time i started up again, eh? thanks for commenting on my comics!

Cheers!! Happy new year!

Hyper Sophie
January 20th, 2008
Make a new one!
Hurry up Chicka, times a wastin'!!!!
Hyper Sophie
January 20th, 2008
Hurry Up
Hey Chicka,
U have to make another comic!! Its been a year or so since there has been a love bites, and I am mad!! Stop procrastinating, and make one! I want to know how the baby is!
December 17th, 2007
hey hana...
Thanks for checking out my site... lol.......

I'll make a comic with you, chanti and dellia after chanti is born......whenever that will be! hahaha.

i know, i know. i gotta start one of these days. dave is bugging me everyday.....