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When two kitsune clash, the outcome was unseen, Two polar opposites. Matt and Slash. Frozen Flame.

Recent Comments that it? Comic is over? BUT IT WAS JUST GETTING GOOD!
Phoenix Blow? Falcon Punch ripoff!
I liked the mirror movements on this one xD
The characters are all glowy because I was working with lighting effects and that is how they came out....I was only trying to make it look like they had burnt faces.
Your good with the FX! (Fire.) Good job!
Basically the fight may be almost over, a big explosion caused by super cold and super hot entitites coming into contact.

And the japanese sound effect saus DON...but there is a strait line over the "O" anyways, it basically means "Boom, Kaboom, or Kablooey"
I remember when i first pitted you 2 against each other
Oh snap stalemate!
Fighting continuing nothing too special to say about this.
Lookin' fanceh there. Now I'm waiting for more...


^_^ *fave'd*
Page 3 The fight continues.
December 8th, 2007
*chanting* Fight, fight, fight, fight!
OMGFIGHT etc. etc.
Heh heh, thanks Matt.
Slash... you've outdone yourself D: BRAVO!