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description to be written in due time

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. . .
we can haz moar plz? :<

Ahah, his face kinda reminds me of Perry
I don't think it changed that much. ._.
and please continue with this. Its pretty interesting so far. :{D
Agh the yawn!
It is so contagious!

So far beautiful job on the coloring and the pacing.
Ah the faded coloring works so well with your art style. Also the close ups of the characters have vastly improved! >:{D
When you don't draw a comic for a few months, the style changes...
Normally, I suppose it's a bad thing when people yawn at your comic, but I guess here it means I did it right :P
...darn it XD me too XD
Panel 1 made me yawn.
I'm still trying to find a particular style of coloring that I'm comfortable with, so things might be a little inconsistent for a while.
XD at the ear. You are getting better with the coloring. :3
lol oops, silly me
wooo.... jetting ear in panel 2
Better coloring this time around.
Thanks <3
sloppy coloring, but it's coloring, and, most importantly, its finished :D
@ Tolneir: Thanks, I like it better, too :P

@ comic king: ...sadly, no plans for that yet. I'm mostly just playing with color for a new comic to test it. If it works out well...well, who knows? :)

@ Oranges_and_Pears: Thanks ;)
Good coloring.
Color!!! Dose this mean Gaia will be colored too? not the archived stuff but the new stuff?
I love your work so much more when it's colored...

keep it up!