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A survival/horror comic with occult overtones. Full color.


Recent Comments

March 13th, 2011
@ monotaur: I know you posted a long time ago, but I think this is going to be more of a reanimation than a rescue.
March 13th, 2011
Beautiful page. The guy with the wig looks like Tupac.
December 26th, 2009
i like your aproach with your comic
its not often people put in black people and i think you pulled it off pretty well.
November 28th, 2009
I'm officially interested. *watches*
October 7th, 2009
Man, he arrived at the last moment. Lucky her
September 6th, 2009
She looks beautigul in the last panel^^
September 6th, 2009
Eerie, creepy, beautiful, and cool.
Rebel Song
August 30th, 2009
Feeling the story & art - definitely different then most webcomics out. Keep it up!
August 30th, 2009
Sorry for the re-post--I realized that before the text was too small to read, so I resized it and here is the finished result.
August 3rd, 2009
You got some really superb art in this. And full colour to boot! Looking forward to more~
July 22nd, 2009
I think i've fallen in love with this comic! The inks, colors, even the setting! It's not something I expect to see commonly online.
July 2nd, 2009
^_^ Thanks.
July 1st, 2009
This comic is amazing D: I love it and your awesome artwork.
January 20th, 2009

A comic with a story this interesting and art this beautiful deserves an editor, and I would be happy to serve as such, free of charge. You have enough spelling errors that you really need one.

Also, he was delighted when he received the letter, but he scoffed at first? Was it really both? I can help you, and I'd like to. This comic is going to be amazing, and I can help make it that much better.
January 12th, 2009
... wow. i JUST noticed his eyes.

but yeah, this page is awesome.
January 11th, 2009
That last panel is gorgeous, the background especially, and his costume is great.
Yeah, I did, and then one day the old site just up and vanished (probably my fault; I have a tendency to disappear offline for a few weeks at a time) so I'm really glad you're bringing it back. The color looks great, btw.
Oh, hey, you must have read HEATHENS back when it was in black and white. Yeah, I decided that it could never get anywhere in black and white, so I scrapped the whole project and started over again from scratch. I still have that whole thing saved on my hard drive, though.
Holy *crap.* I never expected to see this comic again. I was just about to give up on it when I did a search on TheWebComicsList. I am so happy that you're bringing it back. Expecting good things!
Zapatistas... I hear they make a good cup of coffee, just awesome....