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Webcomic is on indefinite hiatus.



A story about the remote planet of Chiqua, where the President of Earth has gone into hiding from an intergalactic war. A boy, his robot, and a few unlikely heroes must protect the Earth President...

...But how do you protect someone you can't even find?


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My god that looks like heaven oh wait they're JAPANESE *glaring intensifies*
Wow the only thing I have in common here with this kid is that we both got suspended in 6th grade twice....
Excuse me! What program do you use?
Dude you should make a one-shot of this and enter it in The Treasure Contest, here’s a link:
Shes not coming back gonna miss you
Understandable, real life takes priority. Good luck!
It's okay. Good luck for all your IRL crap! Hope to see you soon!
<p align=left>Schedule slips have been coming more often than I'd like, mostly because of just some things that have been happening IRL. But last night, my mom and I had a serious discussion about me getting my act together. I know my parents don't want to see me fooling around with comics and drawing while dealing with college loans or unemployment...I don't want to either. The thing I need to do right now is buckle down and get things ironed out. So I'm calling a hiatus until further notice. I have summer class (late session!) starting in about a week, and that goes through August. I want to say I'll be back in September, but that is when my first semester of graduate school begins, and I want to start off strong. So right now I'm targeting October. I'm sorry. Sometimes I wish I could forget school and draw comics all day...but there would be no way to support myself. I just need to get serious with what I want in my life as of now.

I'll see you guys soon.
Yeah it looks fine, and I love this sorry, it's so nostalgic <3 it's all coming together as well, this chapter is a suspenseful one!! :'II update soon soon!!
I can't help but read that last panel with the voice of a young Haley Joel Osment...
That is an awesome hat. I would wear that hat if I had it.
I think it looks fine! ^_^

Aww poor baby. Hearing voices probably means he's either schizophrenic or psychic, and he looks too cute to be mentally unstable! ;A;
...And so it begins.
<p align=left>There is a page right before this one, so be sure to go back! I'm using my family's house's horrible so please bear with me.

@pat15: I don't think laws stop people from holding prejudices, unfortunately.
@Jazeki: Thank you! Eee, hope it's not too much moe.
@Sir Bacon: Yeah, you can't really do anything to kids except teach them right from wrong.
@enchantma: Thanks, I like lighting in my comics...maybe a little too much. XD
We interupt this flashback momentarily to cut to the present!

I'm posting a page right after this. Just answering comments. :)
I love that first panel and how wonderful the lighting is.
Now that's thinking with emotion! I hope R-ko can come to terms with his alienness. I feel so bad for him!
@pat15, what are they gonna do, arrest all the children in school? They'd be out of juvenile hall in days, if even that.
June 16th, 2011
This page is cute. <3
June 16th, 2011
Isn't racism supposed illegal there?