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A collection of shorts or fillers either based of one of my comics or a completely fresh idea


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Reference to L from Death note, he shouldn't have died as early as he did.
January 11th, 2010
Finally an update.

Sorry about the quality, I messed with the optimizer then accidently saved.
Just testing, doesn't seem like something I'll stick to pernamantly.
I couldn't be bothered to use the new text bubbles.
I'm going to celebrate all my friends' birthdays here just so I have something to update the comic for.
It's winter so naturally I'm sitting at home ill and off school for the only time in the year.
Would it help if I admitted I kinda forgot who this guy is?
Art for a character that will be introduced in one of my comics or one of the comics I'm part of. I strongly urge Phoenix of chaos to NOT reveal who the character is. And he is supposed to look like a giant eyeball.
Too...many...birthdays...*puff* *pant*
Don't expect a 100 frame animation for a simple animation of a guy punching another guy.
The animation is relatively mediocre. I recommend you try to get more frames in it.
I couldn't resist making it animated.
What about that Gamecube one that was so intense it only has six levels?
Guess you've never played "I Want Be The Guy".
October 3rd, 2008
you offending racist you affand us Americans whaaaaaaa
I made this to test a new style of text bubbles
It's about time I made a proper new comic.
Tommorow afternoon I'm going on holiday for a week so don't expect me to update.

I used the sprites that were originally made to be the real identity of the mysterious hacker (from my now deleted comic Looking from the inside) for my mother because they were the only sprites of an adult woman I've made.
I decided to do a celebration comic over my new comic's success.