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I've always been searching for something. I just didn't know what it was - or that I'd lost it.

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Finally back!

What actually happened was, I got locked out of my account... long story...

Anyway, I'm continuing the comic on my new account, along with several other comics. Check it out!
pleeeeeease update?
I luff it to much to wait! I'm so excited :D
OOHhh... the page is so prettyful! :D
oh come on already update!!!!!!!:(
Ooh, this looks interesting.
I want his shirt xD
Crap comes in loads
So, my dad deleted my e-mail account, Smackjeeves decided to kill my password, I swear to all that is sweet and holy that I'm using the right one but it still won't let me log in. Hopefully this won't lest long... otherwise there may be a problem...
Suspense, suspense! The suspense, NAO!
*shakes computer* what's under it, nao?! >x<

(Awesome page. xD )
Oh what will be find?! dun dun dun! *again*! XD
I wish it was a party we'd all be hardcore dancing! >D!

Whats on his shoulder?

xXTheMadHatterXx - I was wondering if it was noticable. xD I have a penguin on my keychain. <3 They're so much cooler than ducks. >>

Kurayami - It's like a party here! xD And DUN DUN DUN.

nyappyTIRAMISU - Well, commenters have my undying love, so... *throws glitter* *dances*

Ye~ah, I've been super busy lately. And granted I don't have to take off 5-6 days to sit in a car for 14 hours with a screaming baby and an insane toddler, updates should speed up. <3
0.0 he has such a nice profile!
Whoot! I was replied to! I feel special. *special desu* :B

YOU'RE WELCOOOME!!! *dances around*
Hydeist-San: I love it too! XD So much fun to dnace too! X3

Oh i love the ducky on the keys! XD And what is this? What will be remember? DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN!
Wow I wish I could draw hands...
Love the ducky on the keychain! <3
nyappyTIRAMISU - xD Thanks!

Kurayami - It's true, it's true! He just doesn't know it. xD Haha, I love that song.

BloodyVampire - Thanks~
It's snowing outside. =D
O.o A butt....? >-< *giggles*
*starts to eat cookie* o-O I like it.