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Devil's Cake
When Kea finds that her bad luck with boys isn't a 'what' but a 'who', will her sanity survive the IN-sanity that ensues?
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Comment on bk04 chp20 pg17
kuroi_hitsuji, 20 Sep 2014 04:59 pm
@angichan: I'm gonna be handling a comission maybe I can afford to buy *wink wink*
Comment on Zoshi's Cloths
TheMightyZan (Guest), 19 Sep 2014 02:34 am
@angichan: I think someone is thinking too hard on nipples...
Comment on Zoshi's Cloths
angichan, 19 Sep 2014 01:11 am
@Xejn: that is all an ongoing debate... i know they make a strange... bermuda triangle of focal point if you render them too realistically... nipple anomalies
Comment on Zoshi's Cloths
TheMightyZan (Guest), 18 Sep 2014 02:39 am
@Xejn: Nugs


Or maybe that's a different fandom.

I get things mixed up sometimes. :)
Comment on Zoshi's Cloths
Xejn (Guest), 17 Sep 2014 12:41 pm
@TheMightyZan: I know! Who came up with this rule?
Comment on Zoshi's Cloths
TheMightyZan (Guest), 16 Sep 2014 05:57 pm
Nipples change the rating?


Really really??

I learn something new everyday.
Comment on Zoshi's Cloths
Xejn (Guest), 15 Sep 2014 12:50 pm
Zoshi and my 6 year son are very much the same. He hates clothes too. Its like trying to bathe a cat when it comes time to get ready in the morning.
Comment on Zoshi's Cloths
CrimsonnRain, 15 Sep 2014 04:56 am
No, no, Zoshi, keep the shirt off XD
Comment on Zoshi's Cloths
angichan, 14 Sep 2014 07:13 pm
More filler, sorry ><
Still getting used to my school schedule and apt life again ><

I need a proper dev cake page for my soul ;_;
Comment on Back to canadia 2014
Hakked, 10 Sep 2014 07:25 am
Good luck with your school : ) Hope everything works out the way it should : )


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