When Kea finds that her bad luck with boys isn't a 'what' but a 'who', will her sanity survive the IN-sanity that ensues?
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Work training + Daylight savings
Really threw the cake off the table + mid life inking crisis?? ((figuring out how to ink my pencils....))

Thank you for your patience, please enjoy >_<;
Um, whaaaaaa...
I love her expressions, from sheer confusion to "What are you shoving in my face?!".
@ angichan Congrats on the job! Keep going! You can do it!

Kea is like "I iz allergic to sweet potatoes. No thanks."
Job Got.
Training in Progress @_@;;;;
Fashion Choices
I don't know why I just noticed this but Zoshi had incredibly long scarves, even when he was pint sized. Some fashion choices stay with us.
Yes, yes! More cute baaabbbbies! What a disarmingly sweet smile Zoshi. Bet Kea freaks out. lol
Xejn (Guest)
February 28th, 2017
Kaaaaaaaawawwwwwwaaaaiiiiiiii! *squeals of joy*
But done behind schedule...
Is better than not done at all. XD

Also that last panel is killing me with teh cute. Cold vicious murder of the best kind.
February 24th, 2017
Done on schedule...
Is better than done behind schedule.
I've been waiting for this flashback to happen for sooooo long. It's everything I wanted! <3
Xejn (Guest)
February 22nd, 2017
@angichan They are super cute!!!!!
And now I'm inspired to make some wittle Zoshi and Kea fan art.
Yay! Glad to see you! D'awwww baby Kea and Zoshi! <333
February 20th, 2017
Back, kinda
I was pshing this page last week but a twitter poll saved me from myself and said to post it on time this week. @W@;
Back story! Back story! YAAAAAAY! I hope you're ok.
Poor thing. I bet she's cold.
January 30th, 2017
Bells ringing.
I have to pack this week, so next update may be by ear ;@_@ follow the twitter for the news on that -_-;;;
Oh no...
What a bunch of jerks!
Ah no! Poor Kea is gonna get cold in that water, how dare they take her clothes!
On the list of dick moves; I'd put that up there in the top ten.
January 24th, 2017
...poor thing :(