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Devil's Cake
When Kea finds that her bad luck with boys isn't a 'what' but a 'who', will her sanity survive the IN-sanity that ensues?
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Comment on Orders Close August 1st
angichan, 28 Jul 2014 04:24 am
Devil's cake off this week for 3 updates:
-First: Devil's Cake volume 3
$30.00 Hardcover, gold foiled, dust covered, signed and drawn within!

If you are interested, please Order Here:
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$30.00 per order (Shipping & Handling included in the U.S)

!!!!!!We need 25 purchases to place the order!!!!!
Currently we have 16.5 orders thus far, so NEED TO GET TO 25 BY AUGUST 1st!

-2nd Deadline

I finish a short comic for Sparkler Monthly's Dusk in Kalevia for thier August releases next month! So get ready for that!

-And 3rd

I have an update for my In Waves comic today, which is NSFW, and you can check my tumblr for info on that because this site is PG13. ;)

So thank you for your patience and please help us meet the goal for 25 books!

Much love,
Comment on bk04 chp20 pg19
angichan, 26 Jul 2014 01:45 am
@Angelicatt: Oh dear... uhm... if you could give me the first name or something...email me at angichan777@gmail.com, so I can check the orders!
Comment on bk04 chp20 pg19
Angelicatt, 26 Jul 2014 01:36 am
Did I order one Angi? I think so right?!?

Too tired to remember..but you know I will support you til the bitter end.

Your work continues to be amazing.
Comment on bk04 chp20 pg16
Soap_Lady_Thea, 25 Jul 2014 01:36 am
@TheMightyZan: I feel ya
Comment on bk04 chp20 pg16
TheMightyZan (Guest), 25 Jul 2014 01:33 am
@Soap_Lady_Thea: Kinda! Haha
Give me a bit to figure out how to reply to your writing. Too much work has destroyed all creative juices. :)
Comment on Book1 Ch1 pg12
KruegerKiss, 24 Jul 2014 05:12 am
Was confused
"Would you join 'meat club', Luna" is what I read. I sat there for a good minute thinking "Would they just go out and eat steaks all meeting or would they talk about steaks?"
Comment on bk04 chp20 pg19
angichan, 23 Jul 2014 11:02 pm
@Soap_Lady_Thea: How rude ><; but as long as your job is secure... ^^;
Comment on bk04 chp20 pg19
Soap_Lady_Thea, 23 Jul 2014 05:41 pm
@angichan: Thanks! Job weirdness. They keep jerking me from department to department. It's wrecked havoc with my schedule.
Comment on bk04 chp20 pg19
angichan, 23 Jul 2014 04:08 pm
@Soap_Lady_Thea: welcome back, lovely ^^
Comment on bk04 chp20 pg19
Soap_Lady_Thea, 22 Jul 2014 10:47 pm
ZOMG did they set his house on fire? Jealous hacks.


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