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A.D 1997

by Abt_Nihil
Everyone has a specialty. Naomi's is worth going to war for -- at least that's what A.D, the most powerful science and business corporation in the world, reckons. (Ongoing series, 22 pages per episode)
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9 Years Ago
Everyone has a specialty. Naomi's is worth going to war for -- at least that's what A.D, the most powerful science and business corporation in the world, reckons. (Ongoing series, 22 pages per episode)


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It would be unfair if readers knew more than the protagonists :3

And: Yes. Yes, they did. Boo.
its true I dont know anything about her orb powers. So they swapped their goals to be about the money instead of the science? sounds about right.
Thanks! I have to say, I do like it myself :3
And that concludes this chapter. So, what's next?

Well, when I started this "color special", I thought: let's just see how it goes. Halfway through it, I realized it would end up being another 22-page chapter in the ongoing series. And by the end I knew this is the first chapter of "A.D 1997 - Volume 2". So, the natural plan for now is to assume that Volume 2 will be comprised of another six episodes, just like the first one was.

I'll probably continue updating just as I have the past few months, which is "not quite every two weeks". Also, next up are some great pin-ups which I've recently commissioned.

Lastly, a little bit of background info: This "assumption" Deckard is talking about hints at the crossroads A.D was standing at in the 70s or 80s (I'm not completely sure about the timeline yet), which basically was: should we continue artificial intelligence research, which didn't look too fruitful at the time, or should we concentrate on big business? The idea is that Alexander Selkirk (a name you may want to google), a member of A.D's board of directors, "proved" in an article that artifical intelligence isn't even a viable concept. And his work paved the way for A.D's change in its business policy. What's clear at this point is that Naomi's powers are somehow the result of Dr Park's black orb research (see eps. 1-6) -- and Dr Park was the one scientist who continued AI research without A.D's backing.

Thanks for reading!
no probs :) I do like the way you paneled the last page with the chair in the middle
One thing I'm trying to improve, beginning with this color special, is to actually SHOW what's going on behind the scenes. There's this huge backstory which I made up back in 2000, but it has been unraveling extremely slowly. I realize now that I can do better. I can do both at the same time - I can tell Naomi's story AND the huge backstory at the same time.

The core concept is, of course, this insanely powerful corporation, A.D., which is divided into three sections - economy, natural sciences, and social services. As has been mentioned in episode 6, it started out as a "loose string of small reseach institutes". Their success has led to its branching out, and the business side has gained more influence over what they're doing, as opposed to actual research. Right now, scientific research is just one of several means to ensure their global dominance.

When they were starting out, they were dedicated to finding a way to replicate consciousness artificially. But their economic success has led them astray. They became complacent, and thought that being the most powerful global conglomerate was an end in itself. It is only when they found out that one of their former employees may have actually succeeded where they've failed, that they started to question their current aims.

And that, in a nutshell, is what the previous episodes were about. This was the set-up for episodes 1 and 2, and most of it was summarized in episode 6.

The "Selkirk" he's talking about is the old guy here, one of A.D's founders. We'll get to his side of the story in the next issue.

There's obviously a lot going on here politically, and some of this talk about terrorists will make more sense if read in conjunction with episode 6 (especially the scene with the prime minister). But again, the difference is that this time, I'm actually showing them (that was the action part of this issue ^_^), whereas previously, it was mostly about talking heads, with the terrorists off-screen :D

Thanks for reading!
Indeed they did :O
they gases them selves? nice page :)
This layout is probably not too intuitive... oh well.

The "equality in death" thing hints at the basic antagonism between a hierarchical structure, which A.D represents, and an egalitarian structure, which their enemies represent. It'll probably take a while until we really get there, so I thought I should mention it ^_^

Thanks for reading!
Haha - yeah, it's been a long time... I'm trying to bring all of the key ingredients back together in this color special (and the future ones I'm planning) :3
i forgot all about that thing. it has some niffty powers
Now, I have no idea whether this comes across at least half as cool as I envisioned it... buuut I hope that if it doesn't, you'll at least get the idea :3

By the way, this is the first time we're seeing that orb again since chapter 2.

Thanks for reading and commenting!
ow blood, they got LASERS
Thanks a lot! :3

Thanks for reading and commenting.
Im really digging the colors and the effort really shows, good stuff
I like the talking gorilla and the dragon
When I relaunched A.D in color, I thought I could do very quick "cartoony" colors on each page, but for some reason it's not really working. The colors are taking me almost as long as, say, my Bombshell or Heroes Unite/Alliance pages. I'm not sure if that means that I have to develop a more efficient way to color A.D, or if I'll just have to acknowledge the fact that I can't update as often as I'd like to.

Anway, thanks for reading and waiting!
If you're reading my other comics, you might know that I moved last month, so I do have an excuse of sorts for not uploading a new page... I'm afraid no one will take my comments about wanting to update this comic regularly serious anymore ^^;

Thanks for reading, commenting and waiting!
Haha, almost :3 Thanks! Speaking of love, I love your icon.