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Our Time in Eden

A story of lost innocence, lost direction and lost hope.

Words by Gibson Twist
Pictures by Ben Steeves (Dangerface)

Recent Comments

God, that just made my heart sink into my stomach. At least a level-headed person showed up.
I've seen a lot of scary comics, but this moment outweighs even the worst monster scenes I have seen.
This page looks the way it does because I've just recently been certified.
This page reminds me I need to recertify my CPR.
Jeesum crow. I picked a fine moment to make it back to SJ and binge read. I fear the chapter cover is about to be a cruel, cruel joke, nothing but a (really well executed) trick.

Good job, you two. This has all been really well done.
October 28th, 2018
@kami: Can't help you there.
kami (Guest)
October 25th, 2018
last panel
WHERE have I seen that last panel before????? Her hand I mean. Just that part.
October 22nd, 2018
I knew this was possible, but seeing it is just a punch to the throat.
Jado (Guest)
October 22nd, 2018
I know you have a story to write and draw, but if this is it for them I will be SOOOO PISSED!

And not the British colloquialism that means inebriated. The Americanism that means ANGRY.

And you wouldn't like me when I'm angry
Futura (Guest)
October 22nd, 2018
Oh. Oh no. I didn't want to be right!
September 26th, 2018
OH WOW what a cliffhanger!
Jado (Guest)
September 24th, 2018
Dammit. You all suck. She better be ok at the end of all this, or I'm gonna need my money back (that I never paid for this webcomic freely available on the net).

They BOTH deserve a chance at happiness. If it's all a big tragedy, so be it, but I want a happy ending. Or at least not a dead ending.

And If Ben open his yap again about doubting his art ability, I'm sending him a vial of my tears to drink from his cup of Shut the Hell Up.
September 24th, 2018
Dammit, no....
Futura (Guest)
September 24th, 2018
Oh geez, don't let me be right. I don't wanna be right.
September 24th, 2018
Oh no. Don't tell me Ellis went there.
Gibson Twist
September 23rd, 2018
Once, and it wasn't too long ago, Ben confessed that he didn't think he was capable of representing the kind of emotion that was needed to sell the story of Our Time in Eden. I told him he was and to stop being ridiculous. If I haven't been proven right before (I have) this page proves me doubly right.
August 3rd, 2018
Noooooo, I hope it isn't that moment. Not yet. I'm not ready to let go yet. :( Gah, I know this probably doesn't have a happy ending, I'm dreading that it won't, but I so so soooooo wish it could. They've suffered so much and they're finally together again. It can't rain all the time, right?
August 2nd, 2018
@Futura: I am feeling the same way. Like she's either dying or going to kill herself ... something horrible is right on the edge of the horizon.
I'm really hoping my kneejerk reaction to her rushing into the bathroom is wrong.