A custom made sprite comic that
follows Blake, Dan, and others through parodies of the evilest things ever created...VIDEO GAMES!! And there are some non-video game related comics too.


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February 12th, 2008
Moving on...
As many of you may have noticed, I haven't updated this comic in ages. Truth is, I'd had it with working on Kilobyte and sadly I was not brave enough to admit it. I took the cheap way out and left without as much as giving an explanation on my whereabouts (yeah I know, real nice thing to do).

So, I'd like to apologize to everyone for being such a jerk, and also sorry that it's time for me to discontinue Kilobyte and move onto other things (kind of late to say this, but hey, it's better than nothing).

Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone for nearly two great years of support, I'll definitely try to put all the good stuff I've learned here to use on my other projects.

Thanks again,

And glad you like the sprites.
I really like these sprites. The legs on the last one are a little awkward though, I suggest making them a few pixels longer.
ooooh! pretty effects.
Yes, for the most part I custom make the sprites and backgrounds myself, I
say "for the most part" because I have used a few sprites before (see comics #7, #12, #42, #56).
And for some sprites and backgrounds I make (typically for parodies), I will use a reference when designing them.

But yeah, other than above said comics, everything else sprite-like was custom made by me.
do you make all these sprites and backgrounds yourself?? do you use bases of some sort?
Glad you like it, and thanks for the linkage.
This comic is really cool...I link to it on my website.
Out of hiatus!
Yep, Kilobyte is out of hiatus!
Expect the first page of the story arc sometime next week.

See you then!
Not out of hiatus (Yet...)
This is just a small taste of things soon to come with the story arc, including:

Comic book page format. OMG

Backstory. zOMG!

And the biggest news of all...

...New sprites. LOLZOMGBBQ!1!

And that's just about all I want to say about it. (For now...)
So anyway, have a good week everyone, and look forward to some story arc goodness soon.
It probably overloads their basically nonexistent minds. And 50 wpm, dang, the most I ever got was like 27 wpm.
What exactly do you mean?
What is that from?
I've only seen "Superman Returns".
I would kick ass! i got a 50 wpm on a good day. always thought it was weird how typing kills zombies...
... silently sneak away...
Too long...
It's been a while since Kilobyte has had a comic update on Saturday (Like a year ago, jeez).
But anyway, thanks to 5uperman for the pencil sketches and helping me with the writing for this, and sorry to him for not putting this up months ago >.>
For those of you new to Kilobyte, this comic is a direct parody of my first
(and in my opinion, worst) comic I ever made for Kilobyte.
But hopefully in this comic lies redemption for an otherwise cruddy first comic.
Thanks. *Fixed*
"Hindered?" I think you mean "rendered."