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Parodies of popular Video Games, Movies, Topical News, Your Mother... Also Other things!

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@mawile: Your the gayest fag ever /:
hey cocknose, did you ever figure that I'm friends with this guy? and that's why I'm calling him names? just fuck off little kid because the gown-up's are talking
I didn't know Chaos cntrl was the same as Snix.
Don't call people dooches for no reason.People have feelings you know.Unlike you,you heartless jerk.And on the topic,and your comics aren't that great so don't complain.It's funny and you didn't have a good reason to complain.
Author if your reading,great comic.
I've never seen Time Stopper actually DO damage...
This one's too easy to find a loophole for. How do you know it's the SAME sleep as when you dropped it off?
Lolz. PWN'D!
DEW DEW DEW DEW Dew Dew Dew dew dew dew...
Midget vs giant hedgehog with super speed who will win the nswer is obvious
Ha. Quick got owned. Theres a few technicallities here, but its accurate enough to be funny.
((Technicallities like how Time stopper doesn't have enough juice to actually finish him off, and crash bombs are also his weakness))
never did get around to making a MegMan 9 comic (I did draw a few, but I never liked them enough to fully complete them). And besides, alot of the MegMan 9 jokes will be "omg kick in da ballz megman is hard!". So, I downloaded MegMan 2 on the VC (becaus 9 was so great I wanted more) and I thouroghly enjoyed it, aaalll the way to the end. It has some awesome bosses, and I laughed at the ending (I laughed out loud).

This is the first Time I've drawn Megaman properly, and I think it came out okay... ish. I'd love to hear what you guys think?

~ Nicholas La Sala

Megaman and Quickman (c) Capcom
I can't SEE IT!
~forgot to upload this comic in September.... when I made it!~

I made this for my studio arts final, it's based on my paranoia whilst moving things around while renovating my room.... yeah....

me (c) me lol
lol nick you have completely failed to mention what this is actually about!
hell freaking yes it is!
Is that Kaz in the first panel?

Is this because of da new baby?


Ho;Kay, so I have been very slack with my updating, and I am sorry. Exams are on the next few weeks, so after that, expect more updates.

In case you were wonderin;, this is actually the second comic I have posted today. zy/

Read that one, I want comments on both :p

In RE to the comic, Web of Shadows is balls. It's just a bad bad game. It looks bad, it sounds bad, it's repetitive and most of all, the controls are ASS! Of course, that is the Wii version, but I havn't heared good things about the other console versions either.... so yeah....

I'm out

Spider-Man (c) Marvel
i don't insult nicks comics foo'