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Now we're back with Megaman and the others.
So ends the segment with Jessica so far! Will Jessica find what she's looking for on that island?!? What was Leniru working on that was so important?!? Will Jessica ever get her revenge on Dr. Wily?!? And will I ever stop talking like an annoying annoucer guy?!? Tune in to find out, on the next mildly exciting adventure's of Eric's Universe!
if the comic doesn't show, right click on it and click "show picture".
ooo nice dodge. But someone is trying to be sneaky and has disappeared.

Also really nice flow to this one.
Hmmmm, they must be obsolete models or something.
February 28th, 2009
Let's see if Jessica can take them both on at the same time. This should be a good fight.
PWNED is right. Poor slashman, he's getting picked on soo much...
The most important(And by that I mean the one with the most potential for humor,) question I can think of right now, Is:

He doesn't have.... If he knew that, then why did he say he was having sex with Jessica? MISUNDERSTANDING ALERT!
Round.... one.... FIGHT!!! (Insert Mortal Combat Music here)
She descends from the rafters... LIKE A BAT! MUAHAHAHA!
I didn't think they'd still be talking about that. I guess even Wily bots can't get along with each other because it's not in their nature as "evil" robots. Go figure. :P
Home alone ftw!
The plot thickens. :P
I'm VERY sure this is the right place.
Gonna love those fart jokes. xD
Finally got around to making an update. I apologize to people who viewed my comic pages last week and were disappointed to not see any updates. See... last week was my birthday and there was a lot going on. So I didn't get around to making an update. Again I apologize.
January 17th, 2009
sorry for the lack of updates, people. I have writers block right now.