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What would happen if two gamers shared an apartment with Jesus, a random teenage girl, a gorrila, a wizard, a ninja, a pirate, and a viking?

We don't know and doubt it would be like this.

Updates most Wednesdays.
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What would happen if two gamers shared an apartment with Jesus, a random teenage girl, a gorrila, a wizard, a ninja, a pirate, and a viking?

We don't know and doubt it would be like this.

Updates most Wednesdays.

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fuck my life.
it's fucked up reading these and remembering i had such a shitty sense of humor but more motivation than i have as an adult.

i made these comics at fucking 15-16
This is the first official comic on the new site. Click the link above to redirect there. THIS IS ALSO THE LAST SMACKJEEVES UPDATE! I have so much more control over at my domain so I'm leaving the community! Thanks so much for your support and I hope you all continue to read over at the new domain!

...what??? I read manga! I love manga! What did you expect? This scene from the last volume of Death Note sure shocked me though!


PS: In case you think the scene is real these are the rules to the game

*you are now playing The Game, if you weren't already

*The Game is very simple, you can not win The Game, you can only loose The Game.

*whenever you remember The Game, you loose The Game, and must announce out loud "I loose"

*after loosing The Game, there is a 30 min. grace period where you can remember The Game to continue playing without loosing

*the object of The Game is to have everyone in the world playing The Game

*you just lost
I get to have a domain hosted comiiiiiic! As well as one other lucky person! =D

I'm using comicpress and as far as I know I can put up to two comics, and since n00b is the only comic I still work on one lucky other person gets a free DOMAIN HOSTING! Kind of a sub-domain but what it really means is they get adminship to and that's all that matters. To apply send me a PM. No sprite comics or I swear to god I'll kill you =D. Poor Jae denied me already! DO NOT DENY THE WILL OF BLUE! EHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEE!

For a little while I will be doing more sexy MS paint comics. Until I can fix my god damn motherfucking scanner.

I'm also going to work at what I like to call. 1337shack. Or Radio Shack. Whatever you people prefer.

Sorry Im missing updates. I try so hard. It's just I was hanging with Green all week. I'll try harder.

I was going to update today...but the flash drive we were using was I could and Green are working on a plan to update today.
Back to making comics! Tuesday Thursday are probably the new update days. Which means I may have to do work on Saturday...I'm also getting a job to buy an AlienWare, Wii, and PS3(FOR MGS4!!!)

All in all my life is getting cool! Love ya all.

logged off
Tommorow I'll hook up my scanner so I can scan a comic. That means a late update. Which is ok since I was planning on changing the time to tues/thurs
lol. I can imagine my co-author Phuc and I calling our parents: "Um, mom? Yeah...the whole Vietnam thing is back..."
This was about his reaction after I rented him Armored Core for a week and his mom broke his PS2. Really, pissed. He called me up and told me. On the other hand I became extremely emo when I broke my laptop. Shows how different we are, huh?

Add me on Xfire. My username is rebootblue.

Also add me on WoW. Tichondrius, Barystave. Gonna go play some TF2 now. Then some WoW. Just like yesterday when I didn't update.

n00b doesn't give a shit about real life. It's a webcomic. You'll only see me celebrating major holidays.

So do you guys like my cheap effects? If I wanted to I could have messed about in GIMP. But I bet you're glad to see full color for once.

I'm still waiting for the fireworks. Still 8:00 over here. Gonna go out on the playground by my apartments with my sister and watch them. I'd go with Green but the bastard's in Idaho.

Happy 4th of July and I promise to make new comics.

God bless you.

-Blue, one of the three colors of America.
Sorry about my lack of comics. I'm sick as all hell. and my computer's broken. And I rented Heroes. My favorite show ever.
More jokes on Green's relatives in Idaho. The whole Vietnam thing got a little weird. Also, when you read this comic use a hillbilly accent for the relative.

lol I realised how shitty this comic looks. Sorry, I had some time at the library today. So I just made it.
Green's going to Idaho. We were talking about it for awhile then this conversation came up. I thought it was hilarious. For a few weeks I will be makin Idaho jokes.


PS: Sorry to my fans in Idaho. I don't hate you. I's not your fault you're up on the list with Kansas...the bad list I mean...keep reading Idaho fans.
you can't microwave a can of soup, duh! XD
Thanks man. I'm glad that gamers will stick together no matter what.
This comic resulted due to a conversation between me and my best friend Green. It was an interesting conversation. I wish you could have heard it.

Anyways we got to talking about microwaving food and he mentioned two funny directions.

1) Put in microwave from 30 seconds to four minutes.
(Green: Anywhere between there would be fine.)
2) Cook for 10 minutes or until hot.
(Leading to this comic.)

Also I'm actually putting one thing in the shop (Recently wiped) and one wallpaper up, in a new section I will call EXTRAS.

Also. (About an hour after I originally posted this. Im editing.) I realised something. This is comic 50. 50 comics. I've come FAR with n00b. I thought this would end up like MMR for awhile. Dead while I try to revive it. But I'm having fun with it. Gaming is just one thing I know a lot about. If I do make some forumz or something...I'll let you guys know first!(/edit)

Okay. I think I'm done now.

lol. I dont care if the forum hates you, I just read through every comic and I love it!! keep up the good work, gaming comic brotha!
For some reason Twitter seems to be down...I can't get it back up. I'm working on it so hold on ;D

This comic was more my idea than Green's. He told me he wanted people to ask him questions. So...yea

Also, sorry for the lazy quality. Im playing Rhapsody and I am addicted.