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Unfinished, and probably will remain that way. Sorry guys :( I'll leave it up here though!

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WOW!! i love your work!!!! i want to draw just like you. can you teach me????????
i understand you got problems and i feel sorry for you son i got 99 problems and you updating isnt one
hey i added you
pls rate and sub back
look if she was sick then that means she would have more time to draw right?????? i mean its just so stupid to go so long without even letting people KNOW whats happening :/
where can i watch this with english subtitles
can i use your art in an icon
hi sophia! just letting you know that we still love you, and don't let the haters get you down! i'm sure you'll let us know what's up with the comic when you have time ^^;
guys, calm down. maybe she's sick...?
i'm not mad. i'm just disappointed. you've thrown away the greatest opportunity of your lifetime, and i can't pretend to understand that.
you know, it's not even such a big deal that you've abandoned the comic, it's that you took your fans' money with no intention of sending out the products you promised them. i've lost all respect for you.
omg my friend sent me the link to this yesterday and i read the WHOLE THING!!!!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease updaaaaaaaaaaaaate
wow. more than a year without an update? way to show respect to your fanbase. i take time out of every single day to check and see if maybe, just maybe, you've remembered we exist and come back. obviously you don't care about us as much as you said you did. if you've lost interest in this just TELL us. we've been waiting for so long.
Have you made the template for this comic available for all o' Smackjeeves? Because I'd definitely use it.
Omygosh, the expression on that guy, those large creepy eyes...awesome! I love that dude already!
i love black, he's my fav~<3 ; u ;
update pls ^____^
Well, If that isn't an oxymoron....
Just finished reading this, and I really enjoyed it. Crazy people are fun. Though maybe they're not entirely insane...
Hehe, whenever I re-read this comic I always enjoy this page. But it also gives me nightmares :(
hey, immortal people are AWESOME.

soothe looks so cute as a kid, though. :D