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The Emo Zombies

Comedy about 90's band members turned zombies.


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good morning!
Here we go, Francis and Chopper are back.How long have they been off floating in space? It's hard to tell, 'cause time is relative. Could be like 100 earth years, it doesn't really matter to the plot. Maybe 420 or 69 years.
Thanks for reading!
oh my oh my
Some thing is on those asteroids. What could it be???
Call back to last issue
The song the aliens are listening to is from Emo Zombies #5 page 6 (#105 in the drop down menu) . That's a Legitimate Zombies song they're playing. And that part in the last panel sounds like the chorus from New Found Glory's 'All Downhill From Here'.
New characters
Here are the two aliens from planet Zerflag. Capt. Yarznf and Lt. Russ. I'm very excited about this new story, I hope you like it <3
Thanks again, Andy
Here's the last of the pages Andy drew. Next week the comic will be back in my style with some new characters. Thanks for reading hope you enjoy it.
More spaceships and tubes
Another page drawn by Andy. Thanks, again!
SPACE TIME - please listen to the Space Jam theme song while you read this comic
I had a guest artist, Andy 'Get Off The Roof' Moretz, draw this space battle scene. Thanks, Andy!
I hope you like the story I have for you this time. I've missed everyone very much!
I'll do my best to get a page out every Tuesday. But, comics may be more sporadic than last issue. I'm working as a graphic designer full time. I've been really computered out.
Issue #6 Coming Soon
It'll be a few months before I'll have Issue #6 ready. I'll post on instagram and twitter (@emozombies) every Tuesday with updates on my progress and comic art from previous issues.
Thank you for your support and thank you for reading!
The End
Thanks for reading Emo Zombies Issue #5. Have a Happy New Year!
Happy Christmas!
Here's a nice color page for you. Notice the joint is coming from San Diego. And yes, Francis is dressed like The Rocketeer. Chopper still has Tim's angel shoes on from when they switch clothes back in heaven (page 68).
Only one page left.
Thanks for reading!
dun dun dun
Oh geeze, Francis and Chopper. They just jumped back on that giant joint and rode it into outer space. Which will lead us to next issue (#6): Emo Zombies in Spaaace.
I'm working on it right now. I've done an outline, but I still have a lot of writing to do.
This issue still has two more page. Next week is a nice full color page, and the following week will be the Afterword.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Yes, I used Burt Reynolds' nude Cosmo centerfold image for reference when drawing Satan's portrait in the lower left panel.
And that's what happened Grape Nuts
I know you guys were wondering what happened to his severed head [From pages #162-163 (Issue #5 p60-61)].
And, just a heads up, there's only 3 pages left after this one! I didn't plan this out when I started 2 years ago, but this issue is going to be exactly 100 pages. Cool how that worked out.
Thanks so much for reading. I'm grateful to you all, and treasure each and everyone of you.
<3 <3 <3
Satan's office got an upgrade
I kept the same desk from the original design back in issue 3 page 2 (#41 in the drop down).
I can't believe that was 10 years ago. I'll tell you, living in San Diego is like being in a timeless void. But my rent just went up, so I'll be leaving. It's just too expensive here, and I don't want to down grade where I live, work like crazy, and barely scrape by. Sucks 'cause I love California. Like, I'm in love with California like it was a person. But I can get a real house in another state for half as much as I'd pay for a run down condo in a bad neighborhood here. I think it's time to go, and it makes me excited to think about going to a new state. Thing I'm most excited about: I can have a basement!
Erinyes's contract with Luju
Back on page 24-25, Erinyes asked Lucifer Jr to hook him up with Tim. (And, again on p31 Erinyes brings it up). Once Tim says 'I love you' to Erinyes the contract was fulfilled, and now Erinyes has to do Luju a favor by telling his dad (Satan) that Luju is not a loser. Good luck, Erinyes.
Also, don't worry about Tim hanging there in the background. That's just how they are. They did the same stuff in that hotel room in the last scene.
Oooooooo (^o^)/
Check out pre-zombie Tim on those posters. \(o^ 0 ^o)/ That's the first time I've shown him non-undead in this comic. And, also Francis. (0w0) He's a big cute blond dude. Who would have thought? I new he was going to look more on the metal side of grunge. Like he played bass in Pearl Jam in '91.
And Tim finally gets to go to hell
Good for him! And look at that cute satan's hall monitor uniform Erinyes is wearing. That little hat :)
Also, notice the Meat Heads poster with pre-zombie Tim and Francis (bottom left). Chopper (not shown) looks exactly the same, except his eyes don't melt your skin off and send you to 'The Jaunt' dimension.
Tim's punk
Yay! Finally someone refers to his music/style as something other than emo. That's all he ever wanted!
Tentacles yay or nay?
It's my favorite. Especially that Gintama yaoi Doujinshi comic (it's called NULL NULL). The best part is went the octopus thanks him for his sperm. How polite.
Also, anyone see the live action Gintama movie? I thought it was good. I got it free when I bought The Monkey King 3, which was also great.
Any other movie/tv recommendations? How good is the new Daredevil season, right? I stayed up 'til midnight watching it last night.
Porn alert
Next week there will be a little bit of smut. Heads up warning.
I have to draw it now. Any requests?
Look at that angry tail
That's all for exposition. Back to the action. Looking forward to the next few pages. I promise they'll be good! Thanks for reading