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The Emo Zombies

The thrilling, spazztasticly durp-o-matic adventures of zombies Tim, Francis and Chopper. Lead singer, and overzealous try-hard virgin Tim just can't let his pop punk band the 'Legitimate Zombies' die (formerly the Meat Heads). Now, this undead trio is forced to roam the earth, perform concerts, and keep album sales up, or face a certain unknown hellscape in the land of the dead. Just don't call them emo! Written and illustrated by Emily Mather Moretz


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Angels have elf ears, right?
I don't know what a god damn angel looks like, but I was thinking it would be a combo of one of the Lord of the Rings Elf dudes, Inuyasha, and Viktor from Yuri on Ice. So, here's my condescending, love spewing, trolling angel bro. His name's like Sparkle Cheeks, or something like what you would name a My Little Pony.
All musicians go to hell
This is referring to page 8 of issue #1 when Satan says: 'All musicians, actors, and artists go to hell.' So, yeah, Tim is super passionate and tries hard, but with no album sales, no fans, and amateur talent, he isn't actually considered a musician, or an artist of any kind. Tim's more of an acquired taste all on his own. It's Francis and Chopper in combination with Emo Tim that makes The Legitimate Zombies a fucking stellar god damn band.
Tim's Freaking Out
Haha! So, yeah. A little backstory from Issue #4 page 8-9. Tim doesn't know anything about religion, and has no idea who Jesus is. He knows Satan because all of his favorite bands talk about worshiping the devil. He also spent a lot of time playing his records backwards to hear incantations praising and summoning our dark lord (Yes, I actually tried this with Stairway to Heaven and you can hear Robert Plant say 'Satan' a few times).
As of now Tim knows hell is a place and Satan is a dude, because he saw them first hand. He's more of a realist. So, here we are with Tim lost in a figurative place that he's never heard of. Like if he showed up at The Crypt Keeper's mansion, but had never seen Tales From The Crypt, so he missed that sweet cinematic opening, and doesn't know to check behind the bookcase next to the stairs for the secret passage way to the Crypt Keeper's coffin. Anyway, hope that helps. If you have any questions, feel free to comment. Thanx!
I started drawing this artwork on Feb 15 when my views hit 50,000. It's gone up since then, but yeah. Oh my god you guys, this means so much to me :D I just had to do something special and say thanks like a hundred times.
New page will be up on Tuesday.
Did you expect anything less?
Well, there it is. Things will me moderately raunchy here and there (I mean, they kind of were before, right?). This was planned from the beginning. Not trying to offend anyone, so just a heads up. Things will get slightly gropey lol.

*Side note: I have over 50,000 views now, so I made a special page as a thank you to everyone who reads my comic, especially those who've stuck with me over the years, and through the long brake I took while going to school. Thanks, it really does mean so much to me that other people check out the comics I make. I'll post it next Sunday, so look forward to it!
Writing Issue #5
I've got this issue rough storyboarded and plotted, and it's going to be longer than the previous ones, which have been about 20 pages on average. And, I hope you enjoy it, too :) I kinda base the plots of Emo Zombies on what I want to draw and what I'm currently interested in. What I'm currently interested in is porn, and what I want to draw is...cute dudes. They'll be a couple sexy chicks, too haha. Maybe Devilrella will make an appearance in daisy dukes for anyone ;p
Happy Erinyes Day!
Oooooh new character time. What a perfect day to introduce a cute little demon for you, Francis, and Chopper to leer at. Lol that's just me, I guess. Hope you have a man, women, misc, or vibrator to keep you company this Valentine's Day. I have all of the above, plus my dirty, dirty imagination. Oh ho ho :P See you in a darkened closet with a blanket over my head lololol just kidding. Oh, and I love you, too, of course <3 <3 <3 email me, if you want me to send you chocolates and drunk poorly drawn sketches of dudes humping! Just don't be lonely :.( unless that helps you write your emo music (I know how that goes haha).
First New Page of Issue #5
Good thing Francis brought a lighter with him lol! Someone wanted to know how many joints Francis carries on him at any given time. That's an easy one. 5 is the magic number. He also has a few dime bags and a one hitter. He doesn't have his bong with him, but I'm sure he can make a cool one out of misc skulls and demon parts while he is in hell. Or he can just borrow one from Gozer, that f*cking stoner is always high as sh*t, hitting that dank bong load and blowing smoke like a fog machine hahaha
Bonus Color Page 2
Monday special extra bonus for you! Here's a color version of the last page of Issue #4. The Emo Zombie's story continues tomorrow with the start of Issue #5, so hope you check back and give it a go. This one is going to be good! Lots of hunks, demons, and losers haha!
Bonus Color Page
Here's the second to last page of Issue #4 to lead into the continuation of the story in Issue #5. Thought I'd do a little coloring for you guys to make this Issue extra special and nice lol! Just a sweet-ass Friday special <3 <3 <3
Issue #5 Begins!
Let's just go ahead and get into issue #5. Hope you like the cover art! I used lots of overlays and blending modes, and I adjusted the color scheme about 4 times lol! This was all done in illustrator (in case you were wondering). I just prefer it to Photoshop. Totally my own personal preference. I love vectors. What can I say?
End of Issue #4
Well, that took like 8 years, but Issue #4 is allll wrapped up. How do you liked that one? I'll be jumping right into Issue #5 so keep here every Tuesday. Thanks for reading!
What's the deal with Francis and Chopper?
So, people ask me, "what is Francis and Chopper's relationship? They seem kinda handsy." Well, they're best friends, you know? They've been to hell and back together, and are both talented musicians that have been playing together for years. They've been on the road for months at a time, and traveled the world with each other. That's all really. Besides, Francis is a skeleton, so I have no idea how a physical relationship would happen between these two (please send suggestions, if you have ideas lol!). Also, Chopper is very popular with the ladies. He's typically got a girlfriend most of the time, he just loves brains more than anything. Oh, and yes he does love Francis, he loves Francis with all his dick, I mean heart.
Only 2 Pages Left for this Issue...
...But don't worry! I already have issue 5 plotted and halfway storyboarded, so Tuesday updates will continue indefinitely :D
I have to say, I've been going to a lot of 'emo' (No, they're punk/pop punk/alternative lol!) shows lately, so I'm all inspired. Said shows include, but aren't limited to: Goldfinger, NoFX, Bad Religion, Sum 41, AFI, Pierce the Veil, The Montell Jordans, and, my all time number 1 Emo (not emo) Zombies inspiration, Blink 182. I've got material blowing out my rocket ship back drop (Pierce the Veil started there show by coming out of a space shuttle lol! You can't make that shit up haha).
3 pages left of Issue 4
After this there will be 3 more pages to wrap up this issue. Then, of course, I have the next issue written and ready to start penciling. I usually write the script, storyboard, pencil the comic, and photograph the pages, then ink, shade, and add word balloons in Adobe Illustrator. The script always gets adjusted as I go. Once I draw the details, the little jokes and nuances pop in my head. Lots of stream of consciousness is involved, so I mostly rely on my sense of humor and timing. I hope that's what you find amusing about my story telling and illustrations :) If I like it and think it's funny, then I hope you do to <3 <3 <3 Also, I want to snog most all of my characters ;D
Style Change Due To Laziness
You may or may not notice the continuity inconsistency from page to page. My character designs, sets, and clothing all vary slighty when I think something I drew looks cool, or I don't want to take the 5 seconds to check what something looked like in a previous panel. I hope you don't mind. I like doing things on my whim, and having fun with this to mix it up. It keeps things interesting, especially the typos, unfinished word bubbles, and things I forgot to erase :)
Things have been getting busy
I'll do my very best to get the next page done by next week, but work has been taking up all my time, and I'm only about 1/3 of the way done with the next page. I am so motivated, though, thanks to Blink 182 and they're awesome show last week! Yes! The emoness is pumping through my veins! I won't let you down, emos <3 <3 <3
Lucifer Jr. likes Nirvana, sleeping, and eating corn chips
LuJu's style is very much influenced by Kurt Cobain, and he is the poster child Gen X stoner, lay-about, slacker. No ambition, hates authority, loves crashing on people's couches until they throw him out for not contributing in any way. You know? He's not a bad anti-christ. He's that annoying waste of space moocher that can't get his shit together, and eats up everyone else's time, energy, and doritos.
Daytime Court Shows
Can I just say that I love Judge Judy? Shout out to the Judster. Also, heads up, this is pretty much the People's Court fan fic section of our story. I try to stuff in a daytime tv references into every issue, for those, like Lucifer Jr., who haven't quite gotten the motivation to get off the couch and do something with their lives, and/or are waiting for death.
Chopper went to Legit Harvard
Of the three Emo Zombies, Chopper is the most zombie-like. He actually eats brains/people, and lurches with his arms out in front until Tim notices, and tells Chopper to knock it off. I've often been asked: 'what's with the bangs covering his eyes?' and 'will I ever get to see what his eyes look like?' In issue 5, I have a scene planned that will highlight those very questions. But, no, you will never see what Chopper's eyes look like. It's like in Beetlejuice when you see the back of his head and just the reaction of the people looking at the horror that is his face.