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Fuyuno Suzune has a great obsession on celebrities since she entered high school, and would go crazy over every one of them. One day while she was walking back home from school, she saw the news of her favourite idol getting married. Feeling sad, she was not taking notice of where she was heading, and fell. Someone caught her during her fall, and it was then she realized that she had seen the most beautiful face she had ever seen in her life...

-Ki Hiwatari


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comic writer
actually i am a comic writer too and i have written a comic named as fairies city hunt but its not at all published as everyone thinks i am still a child because i am 12 . But i want to join your site and i want to get inspire by you .can you please give me a chance ?
November 11th, 2011
I like how this story is from the dude's perspective. It's a breath of fresh air coz most Shoujo manga focuses on the chick trying everything =) Good stuff! Though I still think Suzune(?) is a really shallow character >_>
June 9th, 2011
OMG. shes not supposed to say 'YES'. That means the moral is BECOME AND IDOL LOOKING PERSON TO GET THE PERSON YOU LOVE TO LIKE YOU BACK. D;
I liked him better with glasses... D;
September 5th, 2010
I really like the third panel for some reason... @@a *doesn't know why...*
Whoot! That was fun reading it.
MUAHAHA~! (Again =P Lol.)
I am on a roll~

Koizumi-Kun DID become an idol to become a person Suzune-Chan likes. But I didn't guess that he was going to make her wish come true too...

Or it's basically the same... hmm...

Oh well, still love it~
My guess was corr-ect-o! >:D

It was pretty obvious when "Aki" from a previous page was like "Su--Nmph!"

I bet he became an idol because he liked Suzune and wanted to become the type of guy she liked :P

And what I've noticed about your style of drawing is kinda similar to Arina Tanemura (Like Full Moon wo Sagashite), Hino Matsuri (Like Vampire Knight and Meru Puri), and Mizuno Eita (The Artist of Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna (>=D) and I think Spiral: Alive too.)

In short, your drawing style is like pro~
January 9th, 2010
Kairin>> Thank you! You should read the special chapter that follows as well ^_^
January 9th, 2010
Kairin>> LOL Yes XD One shots should be kept short, so I cannot put too much suspense in the story...
January 9th, 2010
Kairin>> LOL You guessed those right... I was too lazy to think of some unique designs for the sudience and just use characters from my other mangas and change their hair colour XD
Kairin Touzen
January 2nd, 2010
Whew... Another AWESOME Story from Hiwatari-san...
Kairin Touzen
January 2nd, 2010
Is he... the other GUY?! OMG if he is then my guess was correct!
Kairin Touzen
January 2nd, 2010

Middle - Ruya? Contradiction
Left End <---- Yana? Turbulence


*Gun Shot* Pointed to Kairin hahahahaha
December 19th, 2009
It is? I'll try to make it some other time and use the Internet too since i suck at cooking XD.
I had fish for a week(last week) and now i'm tired of it XD had my fill. all i had to do was put it in the oven 8D. (soy sauce on everything? lol XD don't like it that much =p. well when i put it on its nasty. or something)

I'm not obsessed with cheese XD lol to that extent
December 19th, 2009
Sorry that the update last week was cancelled because I had exams... and sorry for not making the announcement here. Usually announcements are in my long series Contradiction.

This is really the last page of this manga update, I think... this image is used as a second cover page to the special chapter. It shows that Chiaki and AKI are actually the same person =D The concept comes from one of CLAMP's cover page in Cardcaptors Sakura... (With Eriol & Clow)


Catz>> LOL I don't intend to have anyone reading this actually, since it is a pile of BS with no images =P I think I will stop posting one-shots for a while after I finish Oshietekudasai... because the next one-shot is way behind schedule =_=...

Kid>> Too bad... fish is easy to cook... you just need a pan, some oil, some ginger and soy sauce =P (I like to use soy sauce for everything =P) Are fish sticks some kind of snack? I think I have seen some fish stick snacks... Cheese will make you fat LOL

-Ki Hiwatari
I don't know how to cook fish XD. I like Fish sticks, i'll try to get some anyway. I just buy the cheapest cheese and if on sale XD
Very enjoyable (?) reading ;D

I'll miss those guys, but I'm also excited to see more of your stuff! ^^ so feelings are kinda mixed atm.
Congrats on starting and finishing the entire oneshot in a month tho. That's impressive! xD
Forgot I actually had written the author's note for the special chapter... it is a bunch of BS again... coloured image will be up next week LOL


Catz>> Yesh~! The one shot is kinda short... because I want to keep it short, and I had a tight schedule... like finishing the whole thing within a month when I had other projects going on =_=...

Kid>> Some fish is not... there are some which you can buy for one or two bucks per pound =D Cheese is... more expensive XD

kat_star01>> LOL Kind of... Chiaki's design is a bit based on Takuto... and my style is totally based on Tanemura-sensei's =P

SakuraTenshi>> Thank you ~~!!!! >w<

-Ki Hiwatari
November 30th, 2009
AAWWWW!!! that was so cute!!! X3
November 28th, 2009
Oh my god.....he totally looks like Takuto in that panel.....*drools*