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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Team Sprout!

Hoppip and Bulbasaur

Description coming soon


Recent Comments

April 21st, 2009
This is definitely a fave.
April 1st, 2009
You ees baaack! 8DDD Too bad we won't get to see eet traditional-like D|
March 31st, 2009
pwnlil: Yup. Bulbasaur seem to be kinda pudgy xD

SilverLunarwing: He's that kind of guy... Anyhow, yeah, just trying to mix things up a bit. My panels all look the same so I'm trying something new.
March 30th, 2009
i see belly X3
March 30th, 2009
New doodles, same old font failure!
Drawing it in SAI and then adding text in MSP looks too weird... I'll figure something out eventually. If my handwriting's impossible to read, let me know ^^;

Apparently 'Bulba' was just caught up in the spur of the moment earlier... he really has no idea what he's doing.
Too bad . . .
Too bad you now have to redraw pages, unless it's easy for you to do it that way I suppose.

But I'll look forward to new pages then!
Sorry, guys!
Hey! I know I've left this hanging for a while. Well, good news, good news, semi-bad and bad news.

Good news? No way am I abandoning this story!

More good news - I've drawn the rest of the first and all of the second chapter, and inked it, and even colored a few pages.

Bad news - I've realized that with my procrastination, the time it takes to make it, and the way my scanner behaves, I'll never get anywhere at this rate. So...

Semi-bad news: You won't be seeing the pages I drew. Instead, I'm going digital. I know this kinda takes away the fun, but I'll get to move forward with the story, and maybe the traditionally-drawn pages will return once my schedule and work ethic is squared away. Yeah, I'm making it easier on myself. School's just as crazy as the drawing time.

So welcome to new-age Team Sprout. There'll be another page or two up later today.
June 20th, 2008
I dunno why, but i love how you color this. Maybe because it's different from other comics (at least the ones I read). And I like how the hoppip is sitting on his head. : D
Vye Brante
June 20th, 2008
Three pages into one. I know how that goes. I still like how this one came out though!
June 20th, 2008
This is called rushing. Where did that come from?
Ugh. I just... hate everything about this page. Which was originally three pages, and much different.

Anyhow, this is where she got the name (Sprout) - from the little plant.

As an apology for updates taking bloody long on this, I put a little doodle of the team in the empty space in the corner.

I shant make any more promises about updates; just know that I love drawing this, no matter how much time it takes, and the project(s) I'm working on that delay me are very big and spiffy and important. XD;
*actually has a notebook covered in thumbnail doodles of the next several chapters XD*

Love you guys! Thanks so much for reading! I'll do my best to draw more, and in a more timely manner. ^_^

In addition to the doodle, I'll tell you this now (since it probably won't come up for a while): The Bulbasaur's name is Owen, and the Hoppip is called Flower. The Cyndaquil who we'll eventually meet.... Well, you'll just have to wait and see!

Edit: Wow, 20 fans?! I might have to do something special. Thanks everyone ^^;
April 2nd, 2008
kirbyboy102: Oh well, good then! To each their own medium.

bananakin: Thanks! And the next few pages I have, just haven't colored them all... >>; Real life and other things caught onto me.

Oranges_and_Pears: Good for you! More people like me need that mindset. Though I've been getting a bit better.

Tyto Alba: I know, seriously! But I'm sure anyone in distress jumps to conclusions. Just take a look at these poor folks.

Vye Brante: Oh, you picked up on that. I expected you to. And yeah, work is something that can't be dodged quite as easily as homework.

Vokdoctor: 1.... 2.... 3... thanks!

Junethine: Thank you so much! I tend to experiment with stuff when I draw, so it's nice to hear it's looking good to others.

zetina_thegreat: Aww yeah, she definitely will spend some time up there in the future. I like her on his head too.
the next page or two will be soon! I promise!

Eloweasel: Oh HAY Eloweasel.
I use Prismacolor art markers to color. They have nice colors but tend to bleed, so I draw it all on comic cardstock (I forget the brand at the moment but it's fantastic paper)
April 2nd, 2008
Ouch....yeah....can't pinch himself so he has to do that
April 2nd, 2008
I wonder if I should make a comic on my own Rescue Team...
Eloweasel (Guest)
February 26th, 2008
Oh HAI Amjam ^_^

Awesome comic, what do you use to colour?
February 14th, 2008
The colers, are wonderful, and I LOVE the way that you draw the Pokemon!
Vye Brante
February 9th, 2008
I like it! Pokemon aren't even real, huh? Hm . . .

My excuse has to be "Work before comics/Internet," which I'm not happy with, but what can I do?
February 9th, 2008
I'm always "homework before internet". And "piano before internet" and "flute before internet" and "reading before internet". Good job!
February 9th, 2008
Yay!! I understand I have a LOT of homework lately. Good luck with the "school comes before internet" thing, I know that would last a good hour for me.
: )

Can't wait until the next page. : D
February 9th, 2008
no, I meant you didn't use photoshop. It's a good thing. ^__^
February 9th, 2008
Yes, the stump has been fluctuating >>; So has Hoppip. (In relation to Bulbasaur that is) I'm just not very good at drawing to scale. XD

Photoshop saves the day again? owo What do you mean?? Lulz I never touch it up, I scan it on right after coloring... except when I ink the wrong line, then I fix it on MSP. Probably why the page edges look a little weird; my scanner is slightly small for the size Bristol paper I use.