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A little girl befriends Death and encounters those who seek him. An odd little series about obsession and... you guessed it... death.


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I usually try to kill any bug that gets too close to me......good thing Morty's not like that.
September 16th, 2013
@Som: Excuse me?
September 16th, 2013
@Michael: Not sure why I'm getting Guest Spam all of a sudden...
September 16th, 2013
@Mutiara: The hell is intfamroion?
@Marina: Eh? I don't have a book...
@Noeryu: Eh? I don't hate any of them.

Emily hates Melody because of the dog though.

And thanks!
Why do you hate this girl? This is so great.
@kennelofdog: Erm... maybe? I'm not sure. I actually had to Google to see what that was... xD;
ami the only one who see's kamina glasses on her mum
@Raysse: Um... I only understood about half that. But thanks? I think?
Late to the party...
its hard keeping up with a large number of favs sometimes but this was a very very worthy and interesting story. I honestly never expected that ending. Awesome job sir. Awesome job.
Oh dear.
It's LA Mort actually...
Death is a girl
What is with all these comments...?
Thanks! That'd be awesome. o.o
A very well done comic with a satisfying and touching end. I applaud you, Xiam.

This should be a movie.
March 26th, 2011
Well, I ultimately hoped people would care for Melody, but I will readily acknowledge that she has little to personality. My main characters often have a habit of being more-or-less just an axis around which the more interesting spokes revolve. Those spokes being ultimately what actually supports the plot-wheel.

Wow, that was an interesting improvised metaphor.
Oh my God, it does!
Yeah... unfortunately, Simon and Gary are both ultimately based upon myself. Except Simon's got lighter hair. And glasses.

I really need to work with more dynamic character designs.