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Breaking the Ice

by Jkeats
Follow the misadventures of aspiring actor Mick Nardelli as he faces the rigors and horrors of auditions, day jobs and just life in general.

Breaking the Ice has been called offbeat, quirky, character driven and most of all...funny!
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11 Years Ago
Follow the misadventures of aspiring actor Mick Nardelli as he faces the rigors and horrors of auditions, day jobs and just life in general.

Breaking the Ice has been called offbeat, quirky, character driven and most of all...funny!


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January 17th, 2009
I used to be a huge Buffy fan.
September 25th, 2008
BTI News
I was a guest on the Popcorn Mafia podcast last week and you can listen to that at:

Also, there was a recent blog about BTI over at Just do a search for Breaking the Ice or click on G Charles Wright's index to find it!

For anyone in the Texas area, the Breaking the Ice comic book is now available at Bee Hive Comics as well as Austin Books & Comics. It's making it's slow rollout :)

Finally, I'll be doing a book signing here in Winnetka, CA at Collector's Paradise on Oct 22 from 6-8pm. In November I will be at Wizard World Texas and the dates of that are 11/7-11/9.

Come by and say hi!
My great-grandma's Jewish :D
July 16th, 2008
Excellent comic *fav*
July 16th, 2008
New website for Breaking the Ice!!
With the comic book release pending, I wanted to create a new site for Breaking the Ice. I'll still post here for ease but you can check out:

for the new home of the strip :)
July 9th, 2008
Some people call it running a joke into the ground, I prefer to call it "establishing a premise and mining the material".
In case you missed yesterday's post, I put up a sneak peak of the Breaking the Ice comic book cover. Click back and check it out!
I had an audition this morning and have been taking care of a bunch of stuff so I'm behind on my strip drawin' duties. I should have it up tomorrow but for the regular Wednesday visitors, I thought I'd give you a sneak peak of the cover for the upcoming comic book collection. It was drawn by Joel Cotejar and I quite like it!
June 25th, 2008
yea i say conversation killer
That will be cool
thats awesome dude! I too am gonna have a book coming out too! Lil' Runts will hopefully be in stores by the end of the summer. Good luck with getting published! Your stuff really is awesome!
As a standup comic, I always get the question "did that really happen to you?" A lot of times, it's all total BS and no, it didn't...or at least not as funny as I try to make it sound.

This one, though...sad but true.

Also, the t-shirts will be coming soon...I finally settled on a design. Or lack there of, really. The t-shirt is simply going to read:

Front: "I'm even a failure as a slacker"

Back: Small logo with Mick's face, Breaking the Ice and the website.
Holy crap, I've hit the big 5-0! I don't feel a day over 37 :)
that's great for you! that's jusat really awesome! if i can think of anything that isn't stupid(ohh, that'll be kinda hard...) i'll tell you!

BTI: The Comic Book
I'm only a week away from hittin' 50 and I was going to wait until then to announce this...but I'm kind of excited and want to do it now.

Breaking the Ice is going to be published by Hopper Comics as a 24 page, full color "one shot" collecting all 50 strips. It will be sold at comic retailers as well as on This is pretty cool news as I will have an actual comic book that I created in stores. I'm hoping it will be completed by San Diego Comic Con this summer as I can't imagine how excited I would be to attend as "Industry". The publisher is as excited as I am and he's been interested in the strip since the very beginning. I wanted to wait until I had enough strips to do something cool with and here it is.

There will be more new upcoming but I figured this was exciting enough to reveal now. I'm working on cover designs for the book so if you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see, let me know. I'm always open to suggestions!

In that same regard, I was thinking of doing some t-shirts but I wanted something interesting from the strip...if there's something from the strip that jumps out to you and says "that would be a cool t-shirt" lemme know that too. If I use your design, I'll give ya a free one :)
i think they're gonna screw up a classic, but that's just my opinion...i still wanna see'll be nastolgic, remembering watching IJ with my Dad and eating rootbeer floats...
I'm seeing the new movie tommorrow :P
cool news about the strip? You got my attention!
I took a break from the regular storyline for this one. I'm really excited about Indy 4 this weekend so here is my little tribute.

I should also have some pretty cool news about the strip in the coming weeks. More on that later!