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Strange tales of encounters with an odd rabbi somewhere in the middle east. What can you make of such a guy?


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New Mexico is waiting! At last. :)
Rabbi Encounters has moved
I love Smack Jeeves. This has been a great host for my web-comic, and I HIGHLY recommend it to any aspiring web-comicers out there. It came time for me to build my own site, which I've done.

Chapter 10 of the Rabbi Encounter saga begins 3-12-11.
Go to Go to the new site here!

Don't forget to update your RSS feeds.
Klady...I have one more chapter that I've personally determined to do which will bring the story to its conclusion. I appreciate your enthusiasm for this project, its been so encouraging. I'm pretty sure I will leave this story where it is. The birth of the church is a powerful story, but not one I'm sure I'm ready to tackle as a webcomic. I may be doing another project for Voice of the Martyrs (I drew a comic for them last spring) which limits my time for projects like this one.
But again, Klady, you've always been so nice about this strip...I really appreciate your comments!
Is this going to be updated or will you leave it here? Just curious (she said as she realised this is the busiest time of the year *facepalm*)

Mind you it would be great if you went from the Gospels to Acts, I imagine you would do a great job regarding Saul/Paul's conversion
Alright, I'm waiting ;) Loving it.

Great Stuff
I've been following this for a long time! Thanks for doing this. When it's done, I'll be first in line for the print edition!
I'm loving this!

I especially like the last line, i can just imagine it... there's a dumbfounded silence then: "I'll go call for a cab"
it made me LOL, just what i needed for today.
I'm loving the reaction of the two disciples. It's totally believable, your doing a great job keep it up!
Amazing. +fav
2nd to last panel...that face.
YOU KILLED HIM! NOOOO!!! T-T I'm giving my boyfriend a big hug when he gets home and I'm not letting go. </3
...wise words.
My boyfriend healed the blind!
The rabbi looks just like my boyfriend...
Love it!
Yay! Thank you for noticing that Klaydy! I so didn't want to have to ever point that out myself!
A nice touch
I've just noticed something - pre-death, when the rabbi walked on the earth all the borders of the comics, the panels etc. were tattered, torn and bent. Now, post-resurrection, they're all neat and tidy. I say again, nice touch!
Keep writing
Waiting for the end of this! ;)