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Al is your average high school kid, who just happends to have a wide range of fears. From spiders to heights and more, Al can't avoid the nickname kids give at school... "Chicken Al"

Things start getting weird for Al when two new kids enter the class who are rather eccentric named Skelette and Misère who say they come from another country. Their main interest at the new school happends to be Al, and this can't make the 'chicken' any more uncomfortable. They speak of demons haunting nightmares, which is something Al definetly does not what to hear of.

Manga featuring humour, high school kids, dream worlds, a tad bit of pervertness (nothing graphic), and some interesting twists.



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Go away
OHMIGOD this is amazing!!!! Now where is that damn favorite button?!
@ZombieButt: if its being published where can I find a site with information?
If anyone stills sees this and doesn't know;
The author posted that they're quitting putting up the pages, they're working kn getting it published and won't be uploaded online anymore
Yes I'm in despair too its okay T3T
Uihdfurhd the feels
Good luck on getting it published though, but I guess I won't be able to read it TnT
is this webbie over too? T_T all the comics i discover end up discontinuing :< hope for an update!
so football is out of the question?
someone's a douche
potato sauce wouldn't taste good
he has that look on his face like "i don't care"
where was he keeping that? second thought, I don't want to know.
didn't even knock did they
February 25th, 2013
@fallenangelkitten: yeah. i agree
Where's the next page? D:
I mean, I know the author's busy with his/ her own life, but three or four months? That's a bit long for an update!
Please update! It's baws. Also what happened to Midnight Duels?
Its too expensive for meh! NYAH! 15$ is 150.000 rupiah In my country. #coughcough.
oh, you lost me here.
this is awesome
December 22nd, 2012
Oh hush would ya.
I know this because I also hav an online comic. Ive been a fan since she started this series. Im a huge fan of her series.