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A new BL comic about Chinese in America. Will "Ji Ming" Waters has a problem -- he's half Chinese. Everyday he has to deal with Chinese Classmates, a crazy FOB mother, etc. Things complicate when his arranged marriage fiancee comes from China -- and it's a BOY named Wang! Hillarity/Etc. ensues in Will's now overcrowded, More-Chinese-Than-He-Can-Handle Lifestyle. The first 20 or so pages are in magic marker, but it gets better. May contain yaoi later -- but nothing too explicit. :P

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Slam dunkin like Shaquille O'Neal, if he wrote informative artiecls.
Drawing girls D':
As a shounen ai/gay romance comics person, basically I don't draw too many gurrrlz as you can see! (I really must practice how to draw girls!!!) I just noticed Mrs. Waters' pointy cleavage. Sorry to all the girls who read this comic! Hopefully Mrs. Waters' cleavage will be less pointy next week. xD Or... more pointy? What do you all think? xD
I guess I AM going to keep doing these updates! Exciting! I'm so glad I started this again! Get ready for another page next weeeeek! <3

Also... Man, Wang sure does hug Lung a lot, huh...? xD ALSO, ALSO, if you can't read the asterix, it says that Lap Chung is "Chinese Sausage," if you're wondering!! :P
I guess this means I'm back? xD Maybe I'll try for one page a week? Well, enjoy this page! Hopefully I'll get a new one up soon! Btw, I enjoy the JUDGEMENT RAINBOW. :P
I think I have totally fell in love with that rainbow in the last panel. It made my day... actually all the commentary if witty and amusing. :) I always look forward to seeing a new page and seeing how much you have improved!
I have been meaning to update for the loongesssst time! Sorry! ^^;; I am actually working on more pages... SO, yeah. There will be more. Maybe later this week? (Btw, I love the way this page turned out! I got some new markers that I really love!!) :D
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LOL I love how random this got.

"I luv Jumbalaya!!"
I can't stop laughing at the fork hands. I'm going to go tape forks to my hands now.
but srsly. Do it.
Very smooth, Jiming.
Although I can't say that I've never done that before...
I love this comic. Took me a while to comment, but I have to say something about this pirate movie.
I want it. Very much. XDD
gosh i forgot how much i loved this comic :3 hehe great work keep it going!
soooooo cute.
Aww man i missed this comic xD I gotta re read it to know what's goin on again, but it's worth it xD
Hey all!

Happy April Fools Day! I thought I'd update.... Because I was way too bored in class. I love how Tommy totally looks like a mustached Ditto in the last panel!

Welcome back! XD
XD Ah! A miracle has happened!
Welcome back!