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The Blufin Killies

hey! this comic is long abandoned but I've left it up as an archive. partially at how much better I am at drawing comics (I draw comics for money now, eat shit 14 year old me) but partially also as a testament for the capacity for human beings to grow and change. this comic is filled to the brim with slurs from all sorts of -isms and while it's been a while since I've read through it I find it hard to believe that's the extent of it. since I wrote this I have begun listening to the voices of people who are affected by these paradigms and don't find it funny, as well as having worked through my own issues (particularly in regards to queerness, sorry for so much of the f-slur there hoshi!). so with that in mind I want you to take this preface as a warning for the types of things you'll find in this comic as well as a testament for people to learn from their mistakes and grow into less hurtful people. that said, I hope you all enjoy this comic I wrote as a teen!


Hoshi's not necessarily the coolest kid in the world. He's sorta stupid, sorta wimpy, and irrevocably shy; not to mention there's just one too many differences between him and the people he's around...


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and again
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"this person has moved or deleted this image" :<
Too many compliments too litlte space, thanks!
Eh, excuse me?
is that a Catch 22 reference I spy? 8D

You just won 100 extra points.
Reed is an awesome friend
Thats scary as hell. I know i would feel out of place
that teachers bogus!lol
He looks awesome with bloodyface. xD
xD omg that last panel. (yeah I'm probably gonna read your whole thing today.)
Click back for the lyrics for this chapter and the associated jams
There's a lot of Tim Sale in this page. I can dig that, though. What I can't dig is that while I was working on this my tablet kept crapping out. And looking around for a replacement is looking disheartening... anybody know of anyone who's selling one on the cheap? That or I may open up commissions to pay for a new one or something. (traditional ones, of course ha ha)
I made this page in like three hours, tops. I'm getting the hang of this. C:
@2ndgateway and Frigandier: eee I'm excited too, man. I've already gotten chapter 4 and parts of 3 and 2 print-worthy. I've really been revamping the art to make it look more consistant and nice. C:
Reed, why are you such a bishounen in that last panel? I feel like there should be shoujo bubbles. :\
Also finding it very cool that I half-assedly share Caits' name.
/happy eeeeee
so excited
@plaguerat: Honestly I'm surprised you held on this long, ha ha
So um pretend that last week didn't happen.
I caught a serious case of senioritis and, well, I can't really say I regret it. :V

In other news I'm pleased to announce that I am totally going to redo the first chapter so that it's less sprawling and fugly and leaves less dangly plot threads. It will be a glorious and momentous occasion that will successfuly cut out like 35 pages of useless shit! Who's excited I'm excited