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comic over.
Hyper Sonix 2 is out :D

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December 24th, 2009
OMG that green sonic is bleeding and crying at the same time D:
omg there is two of me

This comic is forever dead
Cool sonic comic. ^_^
BTW, can you check out

I think you'd really like it. You can advertise your comics here if you'd like, but dont forget to introduce yourself there and chat a bit with the other members. :D

Also, you can advertise your comic on
i revived it a litle
omg somebody ended the comic while I was gone!
Crass Man
June 24th, 2008
I could revive it. But I'll have to place stricter rules for it.
One; No n00bish comics.
Two; Resize the way any spriter with brains can.(Stretch/Skew with a multiple of 100%)
Three; Save with .png format. If you can't do that with MS Paint, something's wrong with you, and I will fire you from the comic.
Four; Don't use the pencil tool to make text.
Other; Whatever else I can think of.

Oh, and, nice me death. Getting stabbed by a pencil. Hahaha.
June 21st, 2008
June 21st, 2008
oh cool
June 21st, 2008
No, really, cus then you can make a 2.0 version and it'll become popular.
June 21st, 2008
shut up oivia
June 21st, 2008
It's a good thing that it's dead
June 21st, 2008
we should revive it
June 21st, 2008
Hyper sonix is dead.......
Just shut up and LIVE AND LEARN!
i`ll send an application