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Taken as prisoners of war, Dake and Tommy are sold as slaves, one to a wealthy but kind woman, the other to a man of unknown species who has a very bad habit of eating people. Forced to endure the horrors of war, racism, homophobia, and the occasional molestation, can these two opposites somehow attract?

Contains sexual situations, violence, drug use and probably many other bad things.


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Comment on Hello again
Ava (Guest), 05 Mar 2015 07:08 pm
I definitely didn't expect this! I can't wait to see what you're going to do this time.
Comment on Hello again
Carneeval, 05 Mar 2015 01:40 pm
I kinda jumped when I saw this had updated. I thought it was some kind of trick. This is absolutely exciting!
Comment on Hello again
ParadoxComic, 05 Mar 2015 01:12 am
Thought you'd never see this update again? <3

Paradox has been rewritten! And it's now begun updating, you can find it here: http://ambrosium.thewebcomic.com/

I hope you guys enjoy the rewrite as much as you did this version.
Comment on Some Allies!
Zambie (Guest), 27 Jan 2015 08:55 pm
That gun all up in Tommy's face. 0.0 one of those 'oh s*#t moments'
Comment on Goodbye
Emochica (Guest), 06 Jan 2015 09:58 am
This Was so addicting!! When the comic came to an end, I was very sad.
Comment on Que?
Lime (Guest), 16 Dec 2014 01:38 pm
Oh my dear god! That's some hilarious Spanish. Took me by surprise. I was like huh why do I understand all this.. Oh! It's Spanish duh
Comment on Dun dun dun
biackiuke (Guest), 20 Nov 2014 11:34 am
Rereading like again
I seriously miss her hair from this... Though... After reading this, few comics compare :(
Comment on Popularity sucks
ElementalFoxGoddess, 29 Oct 2014 08:45 pm
couldn't view the previous 2-3 pages, said it was from site that had known malware ( photobucket something). Plz fix!
Comment on Oh ho ho~~
visua1a2t, 01 Aug 2014 07:25 am
are those
piercings i see????
Comment on yes the charm is a penis
Larxel12, 30 Jul 2014 12:19 am
Long time reader
I've read this comic quite a few times since its start (I dunno, I came into it back when like chapter 5 was still updating) and I just realized that the charm was a penis 3+ years later.

http://img.gawkerassets.com/post/8/2012/08/tumblr_lxkbddp2un1qcykapo1_400.gif (to accurately sum up the mind-blowage)


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