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just a place to post my other sprites and stuff
+ sprites I helped make

may take requests, depending of whether I feel like it.

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@kwane: what did u ever use him for
Smiffy SMF <3
October 29th, 2011
the pokemon and the life one sounds cool, id love to hear your backstory blitz :D
that hat is amazing
But I think Hellraiser sanchez should be revamped ^.^
The masterpiece that started it all.

You are really good at shading and making it look like it came from the actual M&L game!

I realize that you're not supposed to use outline on the inside of the sprite, and not make custom feet and just use the regular M&L feet, but it seems to show more emphasis to the sprite for me.
Smiffy SMF <3
October 29th, 2011
nice :D
@ Jerdude: Heh, thanks man!
June 22nd, 2011
June 22nd, 2011
Pokemon is so obvious to win!! :P Cause it's awesome!! and I love the comic on Scarlet and her life of banditism (don't care if not a word)
June 22nd, 2011
Do it.
And now for the wall of text
HALLLLLLP! I really wanna work more on one of these for a side project, but I can't decide which! D=
Think ya's could help me make a decision?

I'll give some insight as to what to expect from each one, the goods and the bads and maybe other stuff.

Cabe and Crew: A story 'bout how a random Cabe Underwood pretty much causes disaster to befall the world without any realisation of this and now him and his friends must set things right. Story still needs more development. Though what I currently do have in mind for the events can be pretty cliché, if I give it more thought, it could come out pretty well despite this. That, and I just love Cabe's randomness, even if I do say so myself. Fortunately, I have the old comics I made for it still on my computer and here is one of 'em:

Flame of Unity( Current side project. Link - ) :
Totally gotta update the banner! -.-
Anyways, it's a story 'bout how Pervy Blaze moves away from his brother's hotel and gets himself more involved in the lives of others( mainly chicks :p ) and manages to help them in some sort of way. Been lacking motivation however(mainly cos of Pokemon White, but I haven't been playing it that much lately, leaving some time for a side project =D). That and some good backgrounds. Though i'm planning to make an update soon, it won't be that much of a decent one, but it should begin to get a bit more interesting, if I continue to update it.

The Blitz-T Histories: Curious about my life and the nonsense that I can faintly remember of it? Yeah, this would be me basically showing ya's what nonsense I got up to in my time of life and maybe some events that happened recently, like my grandma making me look like a fool and stuff! =D
I've been considering this one for a while, to try and up my confidence and crap. However, I totally don't wanna use sprites for this. I'd rather do crappy ms paint art similar to the one in the banner, cos well...Yeah.

Pokemon Chezznee Version: YEAAA! This is Pokemon. MY STYLE! BEST KNOOOOOW THAT! Basically, it's about how Chezznee randomly gets knocked out and wakes up as a Pokemon that was also knocked out(Go on! Say it! "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon all over again" ...Well with all the ideas I have for this comic, only some are somewhat the same) After being healed and realising he's a pokemon, he decides to adapt to the situation. From there it's starts to get a bit more interesting. Won't go into more though as it'll spoil the comic, but I'll tell you this; It would be pretty much an everlasting side project...Well considering the amount of Pokemon that exist. :p
Also been hoping to alternate between sprites and crappy art in the comics, but ehh.


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Where would the fun be,
without insanity!

Tell them I said hi! =D
im gonna go tell my mon and everyone who helped me to do this!
look how i early i commented are we best buddies now :D
I actually had these finished a few hours after I edited the page with the sprites I'll be working on.

Dunno why I didn't post 'em sooner.
February 25th, 2011

I admire your work ethic.