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Viva la gross out!

Fun times and merriment chocked full of blood, gore, violence and black humor.

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Can't see it either.
I really should start drawing more :X
anyways here is a bloody naked jamey, was lazy for background so yay splater.

look at my improvement xD

(also smack jeeves makes the quality look poops cause of the no exceeding 500 kb...fff how do I make it look better ;W;)
its same with me, I havnt been drawing alot...I really should...because gorehound not only lets me practice gore but actually draw my character ;W;
So how about that reboot that died really fast
Yeah I'm posting my Maurice art again because I feel like it and it's technically still relevant... that reboot I tried for didn't last very long haha!! Honestly most of us didn't really have the time and my problem was just that I wasn't drawing nearly enough...

Either way though I'm still working with Maurice on my own regardless of him being part of GoreHounds or not... he's still my OC and he's just as active as ever~ <3
How do I join?
I just read this entire comic and have been inspired to join the morbidity!
Can't see -cries-
Can't see it. :c
I read all of Gorehounds last night at about 3am and I was inspired to start my own collab comic. So, I have a question, how did you find each other? were you friends before or did you just spam random artists until they joined????
I totally did not see this coming :o
Andy's no-face look sure is creepy.
Dr. Shipman is so awesome! <3
And Andy's no-skin-face is kind of creepy e_o
That is wicked awesome.

I'm honored that you drew Andy.
February 3rd, 2011
I love his jaw :D and this one made me laugh XD
:D t/y ~<3
Because things go wrong all the time! 8D

I didn't want to go into the whole transformation part because I could very easily make this a whole big long story and I didn't want to do that, just wanted something short and sweet. Here's what happened though if you're interested: The procedure went fine, Andy goes home, omg her face looks so pretty and back to normal, no scars or anything. The next day she notices a little pimple, throughout the day it gets worse and worse causing her a lot of pain, next day she awakes with Andy 2.0 attached to her face.

The tumor compeltely recreated herself from the side of her face. Andy 2.0 (for sake of clear discussion)has no organ system of her own, all the nerves and such are linked in Andy's brain, she has no thought process of her own, instead leeches off the ones within Andy's brain, so that is why she assumes she is the real one.

Anyway, originally I was just going to have the tumor blow up in a mess of boils and pus and gross-ities but I ended up doing this because I thought it would be more fun. Really short though and doesn't really give off the whole creepy vibe I don't think. Third page coming soon, it's sketched out, just needs inking and shading.
It sounded good.
Too much tv and scary stories :P I know it's not like totally true, the rest is magic ok?

Not very gorey, but I wouldn't post if it wasn't going to be totally weird or gross/disturbing. Anyway, Andy runs into Dr. Shipman's medical facility to fix her face, she can't have those nasty cuts scarring! OH NO! So Shipman offers a helping hand :]

Hope it's ok ;___; hope Andy's ok. I tried q__q Next pages have yet to be done, but it's going to be a very short little thing. My no skin face is hardly anywhere as good as Ninj can do XDD Also, no idea why my stuff always gets blurry on the uploads D:
January 30th, 2011
@Syn: Hehe yah, I've been meaning to post something...but...time seems to fly by so fast and life kept catching up to me o3o.
Thank god my new classes this semester are less of a handful xD
thank you, coming from you, that's an amazing compliment ;A; <3
January 30th, 2011
Someone else posted it's a miracle! ;A;
Uwahh I'm excited! <3 I quite like the darkness actually. And the fact you did lineless colouring~ The blood looks fine!
January 30th, 2011
Well here it is, Jam's story.
Sorry that I've been absent D:
School yah know. I'm actually trying this year xD

I like the outcome of this cover page.
And yes, I know...over used the splatter paint brush tool...
but..I couldn't help it.
It's late at night and I was to tired xD

Be prepared to learn a little bit about Jam's past C:
Sorry for darkness also >3<
And..that crappy pose...I suck at the bottom anatomy D: