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Clockwork Atrium

Clockwork Atrium

by Charil
In a misguided attempt to develop their full potential for success, students at a German university are forced to participate in a campus chess "game" in which they are the pieces and the captures could consist of murder.

Updates Sundays. Contains violence and other subject matter some readers may find unsettling.
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Clockwork Atrium

In a misguided attempt to develop their full potential for success, students at a German university are forced to participate in a campus chess "game" in which they are the pieces and the captures could consist of murder.

Updates Sundays. Contains violence and other subject matter some readers may find unsettling.


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@Charil: Just discovered this wonderful comic. Its a very enjoyable read (well that's not quite the right phrase with content matter... but you know what I mean). Hope everything is going better and tell your husband to give long massages... that's definite good bribery (have friends and family that have similar diagnosis, so I know it is super unfun to go through what you've been dealing with).

All that to say, you have another fan for when you are able to update again, but no pressure.
@Huntik13: Waaah, such a detailed comment, I'm too shy! Ahah. It's nice to meet you then, and hopefully I can live up to your expectations! :)

@Cave: It was actually a concern (well, "concern") of mine way back when I was first fleshing out the concept. I think it's kind of obvious that I'm a big Battle Royale fan and while it can get pretty goretastic (especially the comic) (and that damned movie), there's also a major focus on the characters and their psyche, how their circumstance alters them. That's what I wanted to do with Atrium. Throw a bunch of turbulent young adults into a lose-lose situation and see how they stand up to the pressure.
... the "killing each other" is just a bonus for me :D

@Theorah: Ahah, I've pretty much stopped using DA too, don't feel there's anything to it anymore OTL Though I always love your work, glad to see you're still around! :)
Eeee I'm so glad this comic is still going!! :D I havent read in ages, not since I stopped going on DA. I just chowed through chap 4- WOW so intense!!
August 3rd, 2017
Congrats on the life change updates! Though very sorry to hear about the depression and other health issues. :(

Have to say though, I really do love this comic. I realized somewhat recently that I actually typically hate this type of scenario... where it's basically a set up to make people fight or kill each other (Sword Art Online, Future Diary, etc) because it's usually a pathetic attempt to make very dramatic drama without having to put in much thought. But this comic is definitely different from the others in that it actually has a lot of thoughtfulness put into it and it's more than just drama for drama's sake. I can't remember specific examples since it's been a while since I read the whole comic, but I do remember getting that feeling that there is more to the story and more to the characters than just being forced into a game of violence.
Hey! I'm new fan!! You have a really amazing comic! Very Hunger Games-ish! And it also reminds me of the psychological manga & movies I seen around that has a similar set up!

You got a really nice artstyle, which naturally evolves over the years you been writing this! ^-^ The tense and drama to draw out is very good too!! Moving on, characters: They're all very interesting & the mysteries surrounds all the team members makes me very curious about them! On an individual level:

Dietrich - I really like him! Sweet boy, but a little too naive. Hope he'll grow stronger while he's in the game! I wonder who this Maren person is.....but does this hint sweet Dietrich has a little darkness in him?

Anita - Smart girl & nice too. She's kind to others & I admire that try to help her friends as much as she can. I wonder if she can really handle the stress of the "game"...

Achen - He's a jerk, and interesting jerk, but still a jerk. His past makes me curious about him. He's really mean, but he's bluntness & makes good points about the dangers of the "game" to the other characters. A part of me thinks there is a kind side to him, but he's default mode seems to be acting cold-hearted...

Lena - I read her profile already, so my general impression is that she kinda scary, but reliable since she already play the "game" already. Being trustworthy & actually looking out for her teammates is debatable...

Hanna - Preppy, but insensitive to others. I don't like her mean to Dietrich. She's okay & friendly, especially to Lukas. I admire her loyalty to him the most.

Lukas - He's seems alright, but he's anger issues is kinda scary. I know he's trying though! I think deep down he a decent person. I want know to more about his past too.

Lang - He's very sweet & too good-natured to be in the "game". Glimpses of his past makes be very sympathetic to him. I hope he'll be okay...

Engel - I DON"T like her at all! She's the type of girl I hate the most! >:P Knowing her, she's likely the White Queen...Oh, you should update to characters profile when have the time!

Rodrick - Very likable, cute, & good-hearted! ^-^ I hope that he'll be okay & stay true to himself!

Meyer - He can be send to the hospitable black & blue! >:( He's nothing but a violent ass!

Genevieve - She's a lot like Lang, so I worry for her! She's way too sweet...

Schwartz - He's look intimating for sure, but I find him very handsome! I hope to see him talk soon! He's seems like a decent person & cares for his cousin. I'm curious about they're relationship. Close in age, play in the "game" before, & they stick to each other. Rudolf & Achen, are they close cousins? I hope to see some family love, it a good chances to see the softer sides of the two!

Stefan - He's the White King? There's something about that puts me off...Does he even cares about Dietrich? The Kings sees everything, he'll see if his roommate gets hurt...

Well, that's all for now! Sorry for making this so long! I hope to see more pages soon! And get better soon too! ^-^/
Nice, I like that the new SJ layout theme thing automatically says that a comic is on hiatus ahah.

I'm not gonna try to make anymore "I'll be sure to update more regularly!" comments because things are uh, kinda rough in the land of the Charil. If you aren't a reader of my blog (which is also mostly dead air so I'm not expecting anyone to be hahah) here's the rundown of what's got me so messed up cos I'm past the point of caring if I hide it or not:

Clinical depression -- or rather, "severe treatment-resistant major depressive disorder." Comic-update wise, this fluctuates between "I suck at this let's not look at how much I suck" and "yeah haven't updated in ten months don't care let's sleep" with very, very fleeting bouts of "I feel like drawing right now."
Sleep disorder -- or rather, "idiopathic hypersomnia with long sleep-time." Kinda tends to eat up time. Most certainly brought on by the above, though the below probably aggravates it as well.
Pregnancy -- or rath-- wait what??? Not negative like the above two but yeah, seven months along now :) Except the kid's doing just peachy while I'm here struggling through HG, lightheadedness, the aforementioned sleep disorder, and, oh, trying to sit at the computer for more than a couple hours at a time without killing my back.

So, I'm trying to update, but I don't want to make promises that will be immediately broken. My husband ( wait what?!?! ) has started bribing me to finish comic pages lol so uh, we'll see how long that lasts hahah (psst, tell him he should pay me >V>).

I don't want to make excuse-y artist comments anymore so, gonna just go with the flow for now until situations improve :)
October 12th, 2016
Good to see you back! And, please, don't overwork yourself. :)
its good to see this again
Geez! When you make a comeback, you don't freakin' mess around. This page is incredibly and I'm all hyped up for whatever you've got planned next.
Holy cow, I can feel my adrenaline rising reading this page. So intense, and your coloring is incredible. Very much worth the wait.
Please don't overwork yourself. I'm so happy this updates again though. \^^/
@Groovy, Kinda: It's good to (kind of) be back! And yes, I know, life just had to happen at the most inopportune time comic-wise :D With any luck I'll be updating with a bit more frequency than, uh, once every five months; I've missed this work a little too much!
October 4th, 2016
However many weeks, two corrupted files, one house purchase and an extended stay in the hospital later...

I've only recently been able to work at anything close to my previous speed (see: how long it took to do this dang page) but not being able to update, I believe, was actually taking further tolls on my mental health so, as was the overwhelming consensus, I'll be trying my best to update weekly again :)
Welcome Back
Oh Charil, I'm so glad you're back.
And it's great to read more Atrium! Excuse me while I go put the link back on GK.
And please tell me Walter's not dead, and that he's gonna pull through. He's one of my favorites.
I went though something similar a while back. Not to the same extent, but I hit the wall and couldn't update but once a month. I'm back, and (for the moment) updating once a week.
I'd like to see you update weekly, with whatever sized page you come up with. No matter what, I just want to see you doing what you love when you can. Don't worry, we'll wait and be here when you get back.
I'm really happy that this comic is still ongoing. \^o^/ And I send lots of love and get well wishes. <3<3<3
@m_celeri: I am (actually working on some pages at the moment)! Things have been kind of off and on for me but they seem to be looking up so hopefully (yeah how many times have I said this now lol) I'll be more consistent! :) Thanks a ton for still reading!!
Are you still going to update this comic? It's really interesting (like 'where have you been all my life'-interesting :D ). I hope that you are doing all right.
I'm so glad to see an update here! I wish you strength with your struggle. I can see you have it in bounds, and here's to getting much much more :)

Whatever you choose to do I somehow would LOVE notifications! Somehow I never manage to have any.
@Cave: Thank you! Things are becoming more manageable :) I think I'll be leaning toward weekly (and see how well that worked out lol) though if I can manage it, having weekly updates of multiple pages might be fun!

@Bandito: Hahah, a little intimidating indeed :D It was really flattering to see people respond positively! And thanks for your vote of confidence! :)

@Bob: That is a good point. Webcomics have been sort of a constant for me through thick and thin, so it's somewhat comforting for it to still be here after all this. And thanks! I'm thinking I'll set my pace however. If that means one page a week, two pages a week, etc so be it :)

@Bartimaeus: Thanks! It's good to be back!

@bookclimber: Hahah, I imagine it must have been a little startling, suddenly an update notification appearing after something like ten months. Oops. :) Getting back into the groove is probably the hardest part at the moment, but I'll keep fighting!

@melaredblu: After all this time, just to die right out the gate like that. Would be unfortunate to say the least!
Man, please tell me he's not dead. That would really suck if the kid got beaten to death just like that.