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Our Wishes

by supernova
Orange is in love with Kiwi but so is Blueberry, Orange's once upon a time best friend. What's a poor girl to do?

Rated: PG13 (?)
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10 Years Ago
Orange is in love with Kiwi but so is Blueberry, Orange's once upon a time best friend. What's a poor girl to do?

Rated: PG13 (?)
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Recent Comments

good job, where are your amazing fun facts?
nice work!
oh yay its good to see this comic again. i see what you mean, the colours are alot bolder. still so preety though <3
i love that third panel lol
Another update :]

D: I feel bad...LOL I think Cherry is totally my favorite...
yes it's an update :]

Experimenting more, but that's what it's all about! I spent more time on this page then I think I've spent on any other I was thinking that it would look better taking more time I just can't take that much time...
Awwwww!! he ruined the moment 0_o loool
3rd update!!!! :D
I totally could have wrapped up the whole comic in a couple of pages had I done a different spin on this page... GO BACK! lol 3rd update today! [[don't expect this all of the time...unfortunately...]]
2 pages in one day?! Madness!
My family and I are having problems with our router...and my computer runs on wireless internet... ... ... yeah...BUT on the plus side I drew out a page everyday for the past...3 days? lol that's like...a lot for me. x]
awww this page is tooooooooooo cute!! :D
Kiwi is so cute +_+
A page! AMAZING! I'll find my motivation! ~FIGHTING!~ =]

This page isn't the best but you know it's okay, because that's what happens after a LONG break lol :] Just a reason to work more!
please dont start over or stop. Im a new fan and this is one of the best comics ive read! seriously no joke :D
Its cute and funny, and i think the colours orange blueberry cherry is very clever... And you draw so well :D
May 29th, 2009
I'm so sorry!!!
I haven't updated in forever! lol I'm sure no one will read this but...I'll write it anywho.

I've been SUPER busy...which is a HUGE change from when I was updating regularly [so nice...] I even had to stop my gaia art shop because I couldnt get orders done in...a decent amount of time TT_TT So lately I've been wondering if I should stop this too...or at least start over...but I remember telling myself I wouldnt start over...because I do that too much...*sigh* IDK...let's see how things go...Send me motivation please! I'd like to finish...
this page is nice!!!
i know what you mean about motivation 8P
it must be orange juice, huh?
March 20th, 2009
you're taking a page out of le jelleh's book! (pun intended)
WAH! I NEED HELP STAYING MOTIVATED! TT___TT my old pages look so pretty and well drawn...D: I NEED HELP!!! *cries*

Random Fact: I love Juice <3
Le Jelleh
March 2nd, 2009
;O I didn't know she knew Spanish!

*erases last three pages from mind*
March 1st, 2009
Yeah updates haven't been uh...frequent at all...I'm sorry!!! I have a lot more homework and things to do since I've moved here...UGH! So yeah I'm going to try and get a page done at least once a week just so I can keep up the story and practice my arts skills that are dying D:

AND yes I absolutely hate the last 3 pages...I'm going to 'dump' them and go from it never happened
Well, I do believe it was broken, yes, as when I tried to click forward, it wouldn't go to this page before! XD

I think she's mighty sexy right there. Kinda like Pikachu meets Paris Hilton or something like that XDD