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A collab in the making for .hack fans.
Takes place during R2.

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Meh, I really don't like this comic I drew a whole lot. But I got one done, now I go off to do something else for a while.
Do I see Red Mage...? XDD
May 5th, 2008
OMG n00b getting PWNED LOL 83
That's what you call getting Burned *Shot for bad joke*
Hope you guys don't mind me posting twice today. This is an idea for Rumor's outfit after his next Job Extension(Yeah he only has one of two) So what do you guys think?
Yay for another update! Yush. Rumor is looking for ze boss, who is munchin' and crunchin' on some n00bs!
well he is disappearing, so he wont be there for long.
Lol, way to ignore the guy that was still there.
The "blue" flame thing is pretty much a Character being defeated, as in they are being fazed out of something.
Revamped Lacrima Hacks his name onto the list >:D
Lawls Syllabis is on there!
YOu could be, the Legends List just list people who are active at the moment. The only Exception is Darius, who was "legendary" enough to be permanently on the list.
i think that rumor whould look better if he was on top of the three panels than behind it at least that is what i thing LOL
May 3rd, 2008
LOL i want to be a person on the legend list XD
So yea, this is the first page of Solemis's adventure. The guy who looks like a red mage is Atticus. Well as you can guess, Solemis is on a journey to become THE NUMBER ONE "Legend" himself by dueling several Legendary characters of the .HACK world. Atticus is there for the ride, as well as to mock Solemis....

P.S. I wonder if anyone can spot a connection with this page and another page on this site....
ooo pick :)
he looks Like he has Dom legs, over all I like the design.
blazing fire
April 30th, 2008
Thanks ^.^
blazing fire
April 30th, 2008
About time right?
-Character Name: KT
-Gender: Male
-Guild: No Affiliations
-Job Class: Tribal Grappler

I sent an earlier version of TK, but I didn't like the way I drew it. So I just redrew it, and colored it in with colored pencil. Yeah I'm not all that good with choosing colors for characters T.T