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Stitches is a lesbian/romance/fantasy/anthro/manga-style comic, updating twice per weekend. :)


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LoserStoner (Guest)
October 20th, 2012
Aw Dude Thats Wicked Awesome!
my little pony reference! this comic just got 20% cooler!
February 24th, 2012
Andrea C.Castro
February 23rd, 2012
niiiceee I liek it cool story!!
February 23rd, 2012
Stitches Graphic Novel on Createspace:
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Creeper (Guest)
February 11th, 2012
Bawhaha! "Or have a scalier butt." Because Niki is a level nine fish... Oh, how the hysterical laughing continues!
I am laughing so hard at Niku. As much as I adore Niki, Frou, Lor, and Jak, I'd kind of like to see him try that trick...For one thing, doesn't he know those are in one's stomach? And secondly, doesn't he know Niki can shoot fire from her hands?
I love how Nikki goes on an on poetically about how she feels about Lor, and Lor responds with "I love you"
Enji Neko (Guest)
January 17th, 2012
Thank you so much for continuing this comic! I thought a few times that you would abandon it...It's a great story that has a lot of places to go :D I appreciate your work and especially you for not giving up on it =^.^= THANKX
!!! (Guest)
December 27th, 2011
And goodbye, Lor, and Jak, and Nikki, and Frou. I'm sure we'll see them again! I loved this comic, but I'll be happy with whatever you produce!
December 5th, 2011
i agree with seth
OMG! So kawaii. I love how you draw and the story line.
I've been tagging along for a few months; I'm glad you made it through the entire story! By now I would of given up, being stubborn as I am. I'm so glad you did finish it though, rarely a hiatus expect for the one when you redrew the older comics. It really was a great story at that factor.

I'm glad Arkaedea is restarting, though I am a bit sad to see Stitches go. Maybe I'll buy the novel and enjoy it from there. Can't wait to see what comes with the future!
November 14th, 2011
TT_TT I'm gonna miss this!!!!!! Will they pop up in Arkaedea?!?!?! THEY HAVE TO!!! *sobs*
November 13th, 2011
Oops! This is the "Stuffing" section of Stitches, where all the extras go.
It's now on-top/listed-second, as the main storyline is finished/listed-first.

For the main storyline, please select the "Stitches" chapter from the Archive, click the "First Page" button, or click here:
The last page of the story is here: m/
The page after with comment replies is here:

Happy Reading :)
November 12th, 2011
I can't wait! c: I don't condone Niku's actions, but I still find him an interesting character. Of course, in the end it's up to you, buuut~!

Now, to wait patiently for Arkaedea updates!
November 12th, 2011
So Arkaedea will most likely start again next week. If wild horses do keep me away, it’ll surely be up the week after. ;) For now, I want to say again how much I love and appreciate you all. Thank you especially for all your lovely comments at the end. <3


Firan25 – Aw, thank you. :) I hope you enjoy the next one too, and thank you for all your comments throughout this one. :)

Calocor – Haha, no spelling required. I appreciate your kind words immensely. It has been a long journey (nearly 5 years for me), but unfortunately like you said, all stories eventually come to an end. I’m glad you enjoyed it and thank you for all the comments you’ve left me and holding the memory in a good light. :)

KitKatMuffin – Thank you, and sorry, it is the end. :)

Dudekiller – Aw, sorry. ^^; Stitches will probably always be my favourite, too. It’s good to keep it in the fav folder, though – I may come back and post the odd mini-comic here and there. :P

g.artur – Thank you! ^^ And sorry about the sudden-ness; weekend updates don’t lend themselves well to a proper closing feeling. ^^;

Shaden – No, thank you! I appreciate your kind thoughts. :) As for Niku, his external involvement wasn’t going to be too big, but come to think of it, he might make for some good mini-stories. I actually do have a lot of his past in my head, even if it doesn’t really have a place in the main comics. I thought most people hated him though, so I wasn’t sure about bothering with it too much. Hm, maybe I’ll write out some side stories some time – they do involve other characters people don’t hate so much, anyway. ;P

Ayra – Aw, thank you! That’s a huge compliment, and it really means a lot to me. :) I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I want you to know that I’ve really appreciated and loved all of your comments. You’ve always been thoughtful and nice and encouraging and lovely. It’s meant a lot to me and I mean it when I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)

NorthernDruid – At least you don’t have to wait for updates this way? ^^; No worries, there’ll always be more stories from me, though. ;P

Rumiel - Thank you for all your comments on Stitches. :) And they're mentioned in Arkaedea, and there'll be a sequel. ;) And maybe the occasional pin-up and mini-story.

BandaintBandaid - Thank you. :) I'm glad I finished it too, but I always knew I would. I'm too stubborn not to. X3 And thank you for considering the novel, and if you get it, I hope you enjoy it! :)
i found this really great webcomic less than a week after it finishes? awesome! now to get started on arkaedea
"Thank you!" is really the most appropriate thing I can say...

Stitches definitively took a ton of effort to write and draw. Completely finishing the story obviously required an admirable amount of patience and dedication. You can definitively be proud of yourself for accomplishing this! :)

I've been reading this story for over two years and I've really enjoyed every step of the way. I love both the book and the comic: It's been a rollercoster of emotions all along the way.

I can honestly say that Stitches has been my favorite webcomic I've ever read (especially with such a cute ending)... So a big "Thank you" for making Stitches!
I don't think I've commented on either of your comics yet, though I always want to. I want to say that I adore your powerful way of storytelling, never even mind the beautiful world you've created for the setting of these stories. As someone who as a hobby creates races, creatures, countries, cultures and settings, I absolutely adore your work and admire your skill.

I have to admit that I'm secretly hoping that there's further expansion on Niku's story or involvement therein. Bonus points if there's more on Sef, or any of the other Rii. They just strike me as some beautiful characters that took effort, reasonable thought, and common sense.

I look forward to more of that beautiful storytelling, and I wish you the best. Thank you for allowing myself and many others the experience! :>