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A sprite comic that takes place 25 years in the future of Planet Mobius. Rated E-10+.

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@Lugbzurg: well, maybe he was made as a baby.
@UltraKing641: I'd love to have it on Steam, personally.
@UltraKing641: Why, thank you! This was more where I first started to get some notoriety on the internet around a decade ago. (Yeah, this comic is kinda old.) I've been through some hard times in that time, but I'm looking to get back into comics all the more.

My main focus at the moment is on an original comic called "Gaiden Chain". So, that's where you'll likely see some improvement or just an entirely different form of cringe.
@UltraKing641: Would that be... Act 1 or Act 2? Or am I completely off-track?
@UltraKing641: You heard him, Blue Kirby! UltraKing641 commands you, after all these years! (lol)
I love sonic and the secret rings, but struggle with the controls
@Lugbzurg: just want to say, your comics rock lugbzurg
this reminds me of the hardest level on casino zone
I'm A Fiirn My Fire
@TehSkittle: Well, that's not where the song originated from...
Indigo been playing some Bayonetta recently.
@Popplio: I'm not sure how rapidly you can fire with a hand-cranked gun...
Grabs ak47 and gattling gun can rapidly shots omochao
Hmmm... maybe when Project Sonic 2017 (Sonic Forces) finally releases. I mean, the last time I pulled this out of hiatus, it was the day Sonic Generations came out. Dang, this comic is old. Hard to believe the first page was posted nine years ago to the day... and made several months before that! (I made the first 286 pages before Sonic Future finally went online. That's every page of the first five storylines, plus the first page of the 6th, Home Sweet Home.) I have an original comic called "Gaiden Chain" that's getting more of my attention now, as well as a review-oriented YouTube channel, where I am currently in the midst of a Serious Sam Review Marathon.
@zonic: your stupid.