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Kilobyte's easier to read twin brother.


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February 12th, 2008
Moving on...
As many of you may have noticed, I haven't updated this comic in ages. Truth is, I'd had it with working on Kilobyte and sadly I was not brave enough to admit it. I took the cheap way out and left without as much as giving an explanation on my whereabouts (yeah I know, real nice thing to do).

So, I'd like to apologize to everyone for being such a jerk, and also sorry that it's time for me to discontinue Kilobyte and move onto other things (kind of late to say this, but hey, it's better than nothing).

Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone for nearly two great years of support, I'll definitely try to put all the good stuff I've learned here to use on my other projects.

Thanks again,
Out of hiatus!
Yep, Kilobyte is out of hiatus!
Expect the first page of the story arc sometime next week.

See you then!
Not out of hiatus (Yet...)
This is just a small taste of things soon to come with the story arc, including:

Comic book page format. OMG

Backstory. zOMG!

And the biggest news of all...

...New sprites. LOLZOMGBBQ!1!

And that's just about all I want to say about it. (For now...)
So anyway, have a good week everyone, and look forward to some story arc goodness soon.
Too long...
It's been a while since Kilobyte has had a comic update on Saturday (Like a year ago, jeez).
But anyway, thanks to 5uperman for the pencil sketches and helping me with the writing for this, and sorry to him for not putting this up months ago >.>
For those of you new to Kilobyte, this comic is a direct parody of my first
(and in my opinion, worst) comic I ever made for Kilobyte.
But hopefully in this comic lies redemption for an otherwise cruddy first comic.
Yeah, sorry about another single-panel comic folks.
I was going to do a 3-4 panel Pokemon themed one, but then my limited knowledge of Pokemon rendered all of my ideas for the comic useless (I found out from a friend that my ideas just wouldn't match up with the game's mechanics), so in its place you get a Silver Surfer themed comic.
computers brilliant
Thanks to my friend Zack (Known here on Smack Jeeves as Hunterz50) for the basic idea for this comic.

Also, I'm going to be leaving on vacation to the beach this Sunday (the 24th) and won't be back for five or so days; so there is a slight possibility that there might not be a comic for two weeks, or there may be one one week and not the other.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens.
But Mario has two extra lives.
Hah! Who's laughing now! Now Princess Peach won't have hide behind Bowser to stay away from the drunk man Mario is
That game would rock
S'alright. :P
Sorry about that Blood Vex, this comic was made back when I didn't know of many good stick figure comics.
If I had known of all the ones I know about now, I probably wouldn't have made this comic.
I resent that statement! D:<
lol love the paddle XD
Definitely a great game, but not one greatest DC games (In my opinion, that spot belongs to Crazy Taxi).

Still a fun game never the less.
This joke makes a whole lot more sense if you were on at the time of the revolt, or you know what the HD-DVD hex code is.

P.S New vote incentive.
Great game? -or- The Greatest Game?
I love how they wear a dreamcast with a gigantic battery on their back.
This reminds me of Garry's Mod.