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貓 = Mao

A small story about four Chinese kittens in a foreign land.


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remy tries to teach the others to act more humane, but to no avail. xian ends up scratching himself with his foot whilst miao claims to 'not know him.'
zhao licks remys' paw in order to clean an injury, although it seemed more 'on purpose.'
miao, with her terrible temper, gets angry at anything at all that asks her a question, and hisses!
the mao group sits 'idly' in the middle of the city only to be noticed by passerby!
hating the attention, they get a little more chaotic, and less people notices them. chian comes to like the attention...
...and soon misses it. as the chaos comes to its highest, hardly anyone seems to notice them. poor remy is being stomped on by miao while zhao has just woken up...
April 4th, 2008
so these are the main mao.

noooo~ my scanner made everything look crappy ;_;
while the siblings are still stuck on how to become human, chian has caught onto the idea and became human. the local mao is the only one embarrassed by the nakedness. everyone else is dumbfounded.
April 4th, 2008
zhao finds an entrance and in doing so everyone follows. then one of the local mao find them as a human and turns into a mao!

ughhh new scanner... does it look bad?
okie dokie, last page for the day, miao ^^

[the chinese in the first panel says 'zai jian' [[see you later / goodbye]] ] chian spins around and runs out of the small house, having her siblings follow her. when she stops, they arrive beside a cafe, where there are humans whom are way larger than them.
@Doomychan; yeah, xDDD
I love coffee, Japanese and lotsa other stuff, and I dream about it when I have dreams xD
March 17th, 2008
@Doomychan; thanks.
ehh, I already wrote what it means in the next few pages. [so everyone gets a cookie anyway! xD]
It's her name, Chian Ling [chinese; ling chian]
@Doomychan; thanks! ^^
Awwwww, they are so cuteeeeee~!
Cats love catnip so much they dream about it. xD
March 17th, 2008
Oh such pretty art~
This looks lovely. :3

Sadly I don't know what it says at the bottom. So no cookie for me. D:
弛媕 [chian] wakes up her siblings ; 涎 [xian], 藐 [miao], and 沼 [zhao] ; and tells them to look out the window. zhao simply goes back to sleep, xian sends her a questioning look whilst miao thinks that she's gone insane.
弛媕 is sleeping with her brothers and sister when she wakes up and gets a bad premonition! While she senses an imminent danger, her siblings are dreaming about catnip...
March 16th, 2008
Ah... sorry it's so light ^^"" The actual drawing is much, much darker...

Whoever can guess what the Chinese at the bottom left says gets a cookie xD