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You know Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, right? Good. Now here's FR/LG a little different.

I don't update. Yeah...

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Come on
Pokemon xy oras and sunmoon already came out and you still havent updated
This is a really good comic and if you continue you can get your fans back and advertise it and it's would be the top comic plz continue
6 years later, Snorlax gets a signature Z-move: Pulverizing Pancake!
August 16th, 2016
15 cause of staru idiot.
Snivy is the worst unavan starter
@Namm_killazilla: Pokemon people also evolved from mankeys and primates!
This has revealed the gender! Female!
Please continue! Just found yesterday and it is truly awesome!
Now It's 7
February 11th, 2016
I wish this would continue
Pls update to the next one #301
why did you use the pokemon rescue team sprites to animate?
Like this one
what I like
5 years late
@Shadowblade2584: the kanto weak starter that becomes a frickin beast:squirtle cos it's a tiny turtle but in blastoise form it's the ultimate tank. Johto:cyndaquil, it looks like a rat with japanese eyes (yes I made the joke) but in the end it one-shots everything. Hoenn:torchic, I mean dat blaze kick just...blaze kicks everything I guess. Sinnoh:turtwig for the same reason as squirtle. Kalos:I'm five years late with this reply so here's the Kalos one:chespin since
chesnaught has spiny shell, protect until it learns spiny shell, leech seed paired with it's overall tankiness and giga impact/seed bomb for instant damage thanks for sitting through this long-winded comment :P
le wat
how does confusion become a critical hit and knock out a Pokemon? You should've put in that it hurt itself in confusion
It's freakin 2014 and no comic!!!!!!!
When will there be more?
i will kill you if you say that EVER SO SHUT UOUR MOUTH!!!