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"When there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire."

[no BL/GL; read right to left]

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"I'm sorry; but, I promise it will be beautiful, your death."

That is such a cool line!
good luck
August 9th, 2008
y-yeah so... um...
damn first page in two months and it's not even awesome. D:
hate to the last panel.

Summer sucks for drawing.
I need to go back to school so I can not pay attention and draw comics in class. D:
College starts in like two weeks yaayy~ D:

EDIT;; I deleted the fillers because I hate that they interrupt the story. haah...
they'll be back in a custom page when I figure out how to work HTML since I suck at it. D:
August 9th, 2008

No, no, your toning is great! I really like it!
Oh, what's going to happen? I can't wait! :)
Very striking work, both where the art and scripting is concerned. I loved the "It will be beautiful... your death" line. Very powerful.

Eee, I'm intrigued. :D Can't wait for more! <3
To make up for missing this weekend? :'D
Well, with this, the prologue's done. Hopefully I'll have the chapter cover and the first page by this weekend.
Toning is so time-comsuminggg and it still turns out ugly. I need to figure it out one day. |:
I ran out of lead drawing this page. So I had to borrow some. And the new lead? DOESN'T ERASE WELL. At all. So I gave up~

Three more pages to the end of the prologue~ should be done by this weekend, since school ends on Wednesday and the next pages are really simple.

@Kotori: Thank you! I actually would draw digitally though, if I had an ounce of tablet control in me. XD;;
No, I wasn't born with it. XD;; Oh god, I recently saw a few drawings of mine from intermediate school. HAHAAAAaaaaah they're absolutely horrid. I buried them.
May 12th, 2008
I've been drawing for longer that that and I STILL can't draw that good. o 3o

You weren't born with it, were you? xD;

..It seems that everyone who learned to do it later is much better than me. .-.
Oh ho!
This was such an epic page (in planning...) that I had to sneak it in today~ ;D
And I did this one all by myself! No help from dear sister~ *proud*

Serenade always has such sad smiles. I wonder if anyone notices? Probably not. >_>

HOLY CRAP I GOT COMMENTS ON THE LAST PAGE. Biggest milestone ever? YES. *dork* <333
@ xkrazydog: Thank you~ I'm afraid the soft lines probably won't stay though. XD;; I feel better about it when there's a little black here and there. D':
@ Saiko: HOLY CRAP. 8DDD I'm a follower of Juxtapose, so your comment is like, the most awesomest thing ever. <33 THANK YOU~
@ Itsumi: Haha, draw constantly for six years. Practice makes perfect~ I would trade my anime skills for realism skills any day though.

May I ask you . ..

May 11th, 2008
Hey, nice work, man. :D Can't wait for more.
Ooh I love this style and the lines are so nice and soft and pretty <33. I look forward to more.
Ji's surprised because there's a wind.
There shouldn't be wind, because she didn't create it (remember, this is Ji's "world," nobody else's). Didn't know how to portray that without taking up a whole page. XD;;

I liked that last panel too much to clean it and tone it and make it ugly, sorry. 8D;;
Happy Mom's Day
Don't mind that first panel. It's me being retarded and irritated. D': The pacing in this prologue sucks, but I think it'll get better after... hopefully. D:

PS- If you squint really hard, there's symbolism on this page~ <3
I cannot wait for this prologue to be over. No more beach background. D':

Shooot, Serenade and Ji look too alike. D: Oh well.
Well, aren't we being productive.

If we're lucky, another page will come today. Three to four pages in one weekend is good, yes?!

PS. DON'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE WATER. D': Or Ji. She's ugly on this page. BUUUT Caddy's wonderful smirk makes up for it! D:

Might redo this one later, the colour balance is off.
Oh my.
Two pages in one day?
Don't get used to it. D:

Gradients were NOT working with me on this page. Maybe I should actually learn how to use them instead of playing around and hoping I'm lucky. D':

Enjoy page 2. Prologue will be about 11 total? Ehh.
LOOOL this page is 8 months old... D:
So don't mind if there are style changes between this page and the next.
Erebos won't look so young. (He's like 30...)