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The story of pretty much the best band ever.


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They aren't all from ska bands.
I can't name them all but here's my best:
Sex Pistols, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Don't know, Sum 41, Don't know, Don't know, Beatles, NoFX, Don't know, Don't know, Green Day, and Blink-182
Extraordinarity: ,
Um, was it my comment that made you stop making this comic? Get to work, guys!

No, really, I'd like to see more.
Well thats one person...
but do you got a crystal ball?
....i like ska.
GsMstp gghjyuy
Funny thing is. On weekdays, I don't get home until 3...
Orange Crush rofl.

I've got my spine, I've got my Orange Crush.
Rofl. Tamara is saggy when she stands up. And when she's playing, she's flat.
I really DO hate old people!
That, my friends, is something I would NEVER say. And Tamara doesn't count, I can hate her.
Hey Danny, how about you die?
Why am I thinking there is no God? And smiling? Devil worshipping commies...
Ha ha, your comic is corny but really fun. One of my favorites. You're a good writer.
*dies laughing* Skaaaaa XD
That's my name!
Ha ha, good one.