Starting out because Paradonia was pissed about all of the shitty sprite comic "help" comics, this is now a war against crappy sprite comics. We've got the advice to make your comics look good and not like a retarded sea lion made it. We're tired of sprite comics having a bad name, so we're here to flame, bash, and maybe even help all of the comics that are ruining the art form of sprite comics. Join the Some Fucking Sprite Advice Army today!

READ THE RULES before applying.

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Unfortunately, I don't really make comics anymore. Not really enough time in my life or I'd love to resume/reboot any of my old comics. I think I'm retired.
@paradonia: please reboot this
STU i think its time to change image hosts
Photobucket keeps eating yours
Photobucket ate your comic again STU
another comic has been eaten(its missing again)
Uhmm, cant see the commic/advice (its gone)all up to #33
November 22nd, 2010
there's no rule saying you can't break the fourth wall, but try to do an original fourth wall joke if you can.
i cant find the strip...
November 14th, 2009
And when I see something nice, they all seem to be dying. D:
Mist th
November 8th, 2009
O shit,
Wow this is good advice.
October 25th, 2009
If you're doing a fourth-wall "this is the space before I make the comic!" void-type thing, then yeah, a totally white space would be most appropriate, but if you're talking about a negative-dimension void that is supposed to be a real place, then I would encourage you to try and find a background that reflects that. Like the "going-through-time" void in Chrono Trigger or something similar.

It's up to you to figure out what's no appropriate; we may whine about what we think works best and what looks silly, but there are no rules.
October 25th, 2009
What if the blank space is relevant to the plot like the void or something of that nature?
October 23rd, 2009
October 22nd, 2009
Where would we find such backgrounds?

Deadpool & perfectsephiroth productions
October 1st, 2009
Yes really. I'll stick to what I said over a year ago. In my opinion it looks trashy. I'm entitled to my own opinion as you are.
Really Paradonia?
Because I think that if unique character fonts are done well, it can really help bring out the character's personality. It makes it easier to imagine how their voice sounds in your head.
Of course, asking before you do such a thing would be acceptable.
You make a good point (and good blood effects. ._.")
...but what if cursing is out of character for the...character? Then is it still k, or would it screw up the quality of your comic?
Oh God.
The last panel of vandalism made me laugh. More than one. Please shoot me.

And God, it takes me longer to try and type like a n00b than it does to type normally. ._.
August 14th, 2009
Hey, uhh, read what everyone else have to say before you comment JackBread. GIMP has already been mentioned.