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Fruitful Confusion [v1]

Fruitful Confusion [v1]

by Falconer
This is version 1 of Fruitful Confusion. DO NOT FAV; THIS VERSION IS NOT UPDATING! This is now only up for archive purposes.

The newest version can be found here:
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10 Years Ago

Fruitful Confusion [v1]

This is version 1 of Fruitful Confusion. DO NOT FAV; THIS VERSION IS NOT UPDATING! This is now only up for archive purposes.

The newest version can be found here:


Recent Comments

So when I click on teh links for the new site it just takes me here...
w00t for enthusiasm!! XD

I'm sad to say I'm pretty set on the sept. 1st date, but since there'll be 3 pgs that day and then another one September 3rd, think of it as a 4-page birthday special just for you haha :D Don't forget to fav the new site ;)
@CPD: Sneaky, sneaky. I remember seeing that and wondering how you already discovered it...I thought I was keeping a low profile! lol

@xtrinox: Glad you're excited!! :D
I already favorited the new site!
I'm Serious.
The reasoning for the return is actually more complex than what I've said, but don't worry about it. Just know that FC is coming back and I'm totally serious about this.

It's going to be epic.

Hope to see you there :)

I love that game!
We should play limbo when you get back for wintah... If you survive the temperature... -__-;
Post the extras!

Hope you guys shall stick with me :)

[College is awesome btw XD Wooooh!]
@chesire: You speak the truth 8) I luvish my characters so, and I do think I can create some little short stories without spoiling anything. It's part of the fun haha. Your vote has been counted~

@RFC: Sorries, but you knew it was coming. *pats on head* Your vote has been counted...
Option 5
I the great RFC could entertain your fans with a comic that has nothing to do with FC other than stealing your characters, throwing in mine, And us and having a FLCL of a time... I like that one.

You've heard how I like your choose your own adventure idea. And the best one I've seen so far in moi life, was nothing but stick pple. So I figure that would be the easiest for you to do...

._. 2012...?
Aha... well, that sucks. Obviously school takes priority, though, and it's not like you're going to stop drawing and improving.
Funny enough, I had been thinking about doing the same thing as your option months with Valley for a while not (except my situation isn't because of circumstances that completely prevent me from being available to do a webcomic, it's just a lack of perserverance). I personally think it's a great idea because you get to focus on one of your favourite characters without necessarily giving away spoilers, if you choose not to.
So, if I get a vote, it's for option 1. I'd suggest, though, that you wouldn't let everyone else choose the character; you know your characters better than anyone because you gave birth to them, therefore only you know which one you'd enjoy writing most, and which one will be the most interesting.
@allikat: Counted~

@CPD: Thanks for keeping it fav'd ^^ And thank you for voting~

@xtrinox: Yeah...Breaks between courses? You mean like winter/summer break, or just the times I'm not in class? The first Izkata asked so I already answered that, the latter, well...I already said it's kind of impractical with how I've got my laptop and tablet set up (I need my laptop for some classes, so I can't leave it plugged in all the time). I blame all the homework and projects. And possibly my attempt at having a social life haha. But thanks for the support X) Your vote has been counted, wooh!
That's too bad. O'well, I'll still keep this fav'd.

Umm, out of all 4 story options, I would have to say that I like the 3rd story the best. I'm all into supernatural stuff.
October 6th, 2008
XD I love this page, the artwork is flawless. I love Zev's know-it-all attitude XD
I want either 2 or 4! huzzah!
@catqueen13: Haha, after spending so much time on it already, giving up completely is the last thing I want to do...Your vote has been counted, thank you~! ^_^

@Izkata: Vote counted. I know I'd have free time then, but I really hate the idea of only updating sporadically and at those times...I anticipate that at some point there'd be a huge jump in quality and I want it to be somewhat consistent. Instead I shall work on FC's script, perhaps do some pages in this new temporary comic of FC quality (the new comic I care more about updating on time than drawing consistency, so...), and of course plotting how the redone one shall look...Be prepared, the city is going to look very different when I'm done with it.

@sugarfairy: vote counted, thank you. :)
I like option 2 or 3. :)
I vote Option 3 or Option 4.

Also, what about Summer and Winter breaks? You're probably going to have free time then...
Wow... 4 years is a long time to wait... But at least you're not giving up on this! >:3

As for the voting thing in the meantime... I like Option #1. ^_^ You have my vote!
I apologize if this seems sudden, but it actually isn't. While the thought of restarting has crossed my mind before, it was only when standing in the "Demystifying India" exhibit at MOSI of all places that I started to consider it more seriously. (Yeah, I know that seems random. I think it started because I was marveling at the detail in the clothing and architecture and how FC totally lacks such detail.)

As for the decision to do it after college, that mostly came about from the fact that I know I will be getting a lot better in the next four years, so I may as well do it when I am ready instead of diving in as I did before. I truly want to do my best at this school (the competition is fierce; I can't afford to slack!) and I think having to do a page of FC every week would just be an additional stressor that's just not good at this time. I mean, updating sporadically is possible, but seemed pointless when I considered my desire to restart anyway. It seemed like an opportune time.

I know it doesn't seem fair to those who've been here since the beginning, or even to those who've only started reading it recently, but I do think this is for the best. I talked it over with my family and a few of my friends, and each time I discussed I became more sure of this. I even truly did discus it with random people I don't know (Some were more helpful than others). On the bright side, the new version will be way awesome and I plan to create a large enough buffer so that there will be multiple pages a week. (meaning we'll breeze through the pages already done quickly!)

Again, I apologize, but please stick with me. Vote on whatever idea you want to see, ask me questions, make whatever comment you feel you need to make in response to this...Those that choose to stick around, I'll post up previews of the new FC when time starts getting closer. Hopefully time will pass before we know it! ;)

JULY 2012 = Fruitful Confusion starts anew!


P.S. Oh, yeah, and the new FC might be left-to-right. Primarily because...well, you know the random strangers I asked? Yeah, they gave m a hard time about it being right-to-left and it kind of scared me. I didn't realize it was such a turn-off for some people. o_o;;