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Simply Sarah

A slice-of-life story about people and their own unique problems as seen through the eyes of one girl as she grows up dealing with her own.


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I seem to recall I proposed that either she or her parents had killed the girlfriend and were using daddys money to cover it up calling it s psychotic episode. Gonna have to say nailed it.
Oh my. I was not expecting this; it looks as if Sarah's exploring is going to overlooked, and certainly shadowed by more pressing concerns.

And the revelation . . . well, wait and see.
This is either going to make or break the relationship, I think...
I'm so used to uploading on Saturdays now that I almost forgot about todays update! This is it anyway and that brings us up to date with all the finished pages so far.

Updates will be on Saturdays as usual now.
@Fruitbat44: It could so easily be her imagination couldn't it and after a few weeks even she will probably doubt if it wasn't just some drugged up hoodie out jogging or something ;)
@Linn: The mist was hard work and I won't miss it! XD Becky did a superb job!
@kidcthulhu: I came in to read the comments this morning and remembered what I'd promised! So it's just as well I did!!
ohanyname!: Funnily enough the whole reason I came to SJ in the first place was because the Duck crashed. I can't remember exactly what happened now but one day we just couldn't get in and it last for almost two months I think. Loads of us naturally migrated to other sites and I came to both ComicFury and here. When the Duck got on it's feet again it was in very bad shape and their 'improved overhaul' was a disaster with almost no features working at all, so it offerred nothing much to keep the rest of us on there and I've always loved how beautifully smooth and easily SJ works from uploading to making edits etc. SJ stats are the best I've ever come across btw and I've never had an issues with this site so I have great respect for it. But I started on the Duck and despite the lows I wanted to keep posting there as all the original comments from those very first updates are still there and give a nice picture of how the webcomic has evolved over the years. (10 years this June btw!)
Well, well, well. I'm still going with approach this with attitude that Sarah's letting her imagination run away with her . . .

However I suspect that there will be hell to pay when she gets back to the house and her sneaking around Laura's old room is discovered. Which I suspect it will be.

Couple of random observations: I dread to think what state Sarah's feet will be in after all that barefoot running. And in the last frame; she really does look exhausted.
April 23rd, 2017
Well isnt that just wonderful......
The mist looks very real and sinister.
@skyangel: I don't know if things have changed, but DrunkDuck used to be a right pain in the posterior if you wanted to leave feedback, whereas SJ only needs a username and password, no faffing around with third-party cookies and the like.

However, I believe DD gives comic creators more and better statistics - how many people have clicked on the site, where they are etc. So your current approach of posting on two sites is probably the best one.

The 'where they are' is not that reliable these days, for example I show up as being in the UK wherever I am because I use Three, which gives you one dynamic IP within the UK number range wherever you are in a country where Three operates, if you pay your bills in the UK. But it's still a guide.

I don't know how many readers you have in Italy, but I live there now, and my slightly stilted 1970s Italian is now updated and approved by my twins to a 2017 standard - which I think is important, you don't want Sare and Janey (assuming I started from the beginning) speaking the kind of formal language you'd hear in the Chamber of Deputies. Some episodes could be quite challenging to translate, because S_S is as definitely English as Astérix is French, and some bits like 'spin the bottle' would need a little sub-frame to explain it to Italian readers.
I love the mist effects on this page. Also, I'll wait for Wednesday so A) I have something to look forward to B) I'll be able to comment on the new page^_~
April 22nd, 2017
We're still just one page behind the Duck so I'll post another update midweek to bring both sites into line. Thanks for the lovely show of support last week it really boosted my enthusiasm to keep posting here, but please don't feel you HAVE to leave a comment every week from now on, it's just nice to get a rough idea of whose still following and how happy you feel about the story. I follow comics myself where I just can't think of anything to say at times so I know what it's like!

So I will update again on Weds this week and you'll be able to find out what happens when Sarah finally returns to Carlingford.

Have a nice week :)
@pretty jodye flacko: Hi Jodye, That's fine! just a little comment like that now and again helps me know the comic's doing okay :)
@skyangel: What can I say? I like the comic (even if I got emotional whiplash binging in the beginning ^_~).
Even thought I don't comment alot I always try to check the comic regularly, keep up the good work, loving the storyline so far!
@skyangel: Thanks for the reply. That's a fair enough approach. I'll be interested to see how the tale develops.
@MichaelHartman: I did stop at chapter four on Comic Fury because the story rounded off nicely at that point and I had three sites running even though nearly everyone was either here or on the Duck. And as you say, I knew they would find the other sites if they really wanted to so it didn't seem like a big issue.
SJ is different though because like the Duck, the 'family' here has always been quite unique and you are all familiar with each other so I feel that makes a much more cosy atmosphere all round. Just looking at the text on this page has renewed my faith in the readership here which a couple of weeks ago seemed so quiet I thought I could hear the tumbleweed passing by!
@Lordcholmondleywarner: You have to be English with a username like that, and clearly a Fast Show fan! lol I have a sneaky feeling you are one our regulars incognito, to suddenly pop out of nowhere like this, but it's a lovely name, and thanks :)