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Simply Sarah

A slice-of-life story about people and their own unique problems as seen through the eyes of one girl as she grows up dealing with her own.


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Still a great looking strip Sky, and thank you to Becky for the colouring. And I'm very glad you're still enthusiastic about this.
Sarah's dreams? I think it's been mentioned before that maybe Sarah's dreams were her subconscious trying to make sense of Lucy talking in her sleep. Maybe that's the case, or maybe not.

Interesting revelation about the perfume, and the promise of a "strange and unexpected discovery" next week . . . I honestly don't know were this is going.

One final, and random, observation: those sea-gulls, in the penultimate frame, one of them looks black rather than white . . . is this because it's in the distance and in ilhouette? Or is it because it's a crow? Or, The Crow? ;-)
@skyangel: Oh well. ;-)

But thank you for confirming the location, but where ever it's set the artwork looks great.
@Fruitbat44: Haha Well I'm afraid you won't get your threesome. As Anyname says all the locations used in SS are in fact in Essex but it's as flat as Norfolk so I can see there are often similarities especially in the countryside.
@shiro707: Thankyou. I'm glad you are enjoying it :)
We are a boit late this week I know, so apologies for that! I've finally used up all my reserves and I'm running behind by a couple of days so I'd like to say a big thank-you to Becky though for colouring this page at such short notice and helping me to keep the updates on track. The good news is that the delays are not down to my failing enthusiasm though, just too little spare time and a desire to make the art as good as I can!

Next week: Events start to lead Sarah to a strange and unexpected discovery!

Have a nice week ;)
@skyangel: If you have ever read Ursula le Guin, who btw was a feminist writer (she died recently) you'd need much bigger wings, an average sized human needs at least 3m of wingspan.

You can download her books from

You can't fly a hang-glider in the UK if you are under 14, my twins fly in Italy. They are like butterflies. They are barely 1.8 m wingtip-to-wingtip, and correspondingly manouevrable.

Ursula le Guin is wickedly funny.
@Fruitbat44: It's Essex. You were close. Still East Anglia.

If you look back through the pages (there are a lot of them), you can actually work out where Skyangel lives and works, you'll find them on Google streetview. Almost every thing and every person is drawn from life. In Essex.

I could walk into her shop and say 'I'm a great fan of your art' but as I'm heterosexual and she is lesbian I don't think I'd get much more than an 'umm well, thanks'.

For lesbians, blokes just aren't on the radar. Yes, the Sapphism is there but she's not ramming it into your face. She's lesbian. That's just what she is. So what? She's not making a fuss about it.
The artwork is beautiful. Vast, sweeping landscapes with two figures almost lost in them. Lost in their own conversation?

Btw, is this set in Norfolk?

As to the conversation . . . all very mature and adult, and I hope it continues to be so, and I think it will do. Although I do wonder if "mature & adult" will survive contact with the untidiness of the heart . . .

Though talking of "mature & adult" part of me, probably the "immature & adolescent" part, is still hoping for a threeway . . . -blush-
I love the way this comic is going!
I love the dynamic between sarah and laura, so mature and nice.
I can't wait for the next update!
I must say this is a bit saccharin sweet resolution still think Mummy and Daddykins should go to parenting school, and Daddykins should serve 5-10 for attempted murder. Sounds to me like Sarah was told you can have her now but I will get her back when she figures out the whole story.
It's weird how the closer I get to the end of a chapter the harder I find it to turn out the final pages. I remember back on chapter two I felt like I was walking through mud with huge heavy boots on, it just seemed to take forever to get the last 3 pages done and even then I did a very compressed final page just so I could finally let go. This chapter has been the smoothest ride of all for me as I'm still hooked on doing the art and I'm trying to make as many panels fun for myself to do as I can so it doesn't feel like another wall of text!

Next week: Sarah brings up her dreams!
@Fruitbat44: Haha Nooo that title was just pure coincidence. I almost feel I should make something of Laura's tattoo but all I can think of is her body being found in a very unrecognisable condition save for her little heart tattoo! But I really don't want to do that.
@Karlijn: Thankyou :) I think I mentioned before on 'another love story' how much your art reminded me of my own. I'm quite amazed really what 10 years of practice has done for my art, but I still get days where I wrestle with it and feel I shouldn't still be struggling after so long, but that's the way it is! I must catch up on yours btw very soon.
@ohanyname!: Congratulations on the cancer front, that must be such a relief for you! And yes indeed, we will be having a break before we do the epilogue but all this stuff about Lenore will be tidied up before that happens. :)
@kidcthulhu: Yes you did and it was a very astute observation! :)
I do wonder if the title of this strip is a reference to Laura's tattoo.

Beautifully done strip btw.

Ron's actions, regardless of what he really intended, have cast a long shadow.

Kidcthulhu has mentioned this already, but I can understand Sarah being tempted. But Sarah while has a long history of rushing into things without consideration, she has always done so with good intentions.

I think she'll tell Laura how Lucy feels about her and let the dice fall as they will.
@skyangel: Thank you for the kind words.

So sometimes a tattoo of a heart is just a tattoo of a heart . . . :)

About kissing scenes, sex scenes. Well, you first started this comic Sarah & Janey were both schoolgirls, so I guess you might have had some concerns there. But over the years you have done some very erotic & explicit, while still staying within what might be called good taste. I freely admit I have enjoyed those strips, but I never felt they were merely titillation. They were part of the characters lives. Although I'm still not sure about "salmon" though . . .

I think the net has changed things for good, as you say it has enable people to come forward and meet other people which is great. Okay, the net has had a negative effect, on a whole bunch of things, but a lot of things can with a downside.
I always love your drawings, I can't think of new praise I haven't said before. The details, the backgrounds, the poses, the colour, the line art... it's all very well done.
The way Sarah thinks is nice, it's a tough choice to make but she's a good and determined person :) I feel bad for Laura, but I think Sarah will want everyone to be happy so I trust her to do the right thing.
I get the impression that the next few pages are going to tie all the strings together, and All Will Be Explained. As in an Agatha Christie novel. If Skyangel is going to reproduce Christie's prolificity, (roughly a new book every eight months), and as Simply Sarah has taken about eight years, she's going to have to live to be 1000! (-:

As will her readers. As I've recently been declared cancer-free, I'm up for the long haul.

I'd love to know the locations featured as scenery.