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Simply Sarah

Simply Sarah

by skyangel
A slice-of-life story about people and their own unique problems as seen through the eyes of one girl as she grows up dealing with her own.
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Simply Sarah

A slice-of-life story about people and their own unique problems as seen through the eyes of one girl as she grows up dealing with her own.


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Just read Ron's Story Part 2 on The Duck. It's very interesting and I sorta think I see where it's going. Next week we'll see how accurate Sare's "dream version" was.
October 17th, 2017
@skyangel: Well that's good to know. Hmmm . . . "for the most part." People do misremember, and can even edit their memories, not always unconsciously.

Still it will be nice to get to hear Ron's side of the story.
October 17th, 2017
@Fruitbat44: That's very true! Tests have proven people often misremember events over a period of time so it seems to be a common human quirk, but I do promise you that for the most part, everyones accounts from here on are the closest we will ever get to the real truth, so I hope that satisfies most readers.
@Fruitbat44: I was going to make a Mrs Robinson joke but you got to it before me
October 15th, 2017
That's quite a saucy final frame. Slightly reminiscent of The Graduate. (Well I think so.)

But it is going to be interesting to here Ron's side of the story. Though, of course, this is only *his* side of the story . . . and how accurate will his memories be, or at least what he's telling Sarah.

But it's still going to be interesting.
October 15th, 2017
This week sees the start of Ron telling his life story and sheds some light on the sort of character he really is. Next week, we find out how this tricky relationship develops as it brings us closer and closer to the truth about what happened to Laura!

Have a good week! :)
@skyangel: The problem for me wasn't that it was fantasy (that's my favorite genre!) but rather that it was obvious it wasn't the real answer (well it would've been weird if it was the truth as well, in such a long story with no magical elements up to that point) and it still was such a long part of the chapter.

But of course it's your comic and there is no point in trying to work with no motivation in order to do what others expect of you! It breaks my heart to think that SS will come to an end but on the other hand it'll be really interesting what you will start working on next ;)

I didn't know that was an old fashioned name :D (well, I kinda guessed since she told us to call her SJ) Speaking of her, I have a ton of homework I should be working on... ^^' ehem...
October 8th, 2017
I really love this page, the upper and lower panel create a sort of atmosphere that perfectly catches the moment and the emotions. The expressions and poses are great too.
He keeps saying that he's not a bad man, I don't know if he believes that himself if he keeps saying it like that.
October 8th, 2017
Now this finally removes any last lingering doubts I've had about Laura being alive.

And him letting Sarah's tire down doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

And "I am not a bad man." Is there going to be a follow up to this of, "But I've done bad things?"

Either way it's going to be interesting what Ron has to say.

And the artwork in this strip. The top and bottom panels, a real feeling of stark isolation. Brilliant.

Oh. And the crow's back . . .
October 7th, 2017
@MichaelHartman: I've only ever had that happen once in my comic. So I know what you mean.
October 7th, 2017
STORYTIME. Going to get me some popcorn for next saturday when he reviels the story! :p
No but seriously, this is a very cool arc. Also liking Sarahs and Rons faces in panel 3, very full of emotions.
October 7th, 2017
@kidcthulhu: I agree its a nice and slow build up. And you get a feeling, you might really feel sorry for Laura. If you make your readers feel bad for a fictional being then you are doing it right.
October 7th, 2017
I know we didn't get a lot of info on this page, but it's a great set up and well executed. I eagerly anticipate how this will unfold.
@Karlijn: Haha You nailed it! ;)
@Legerdimain: Hi Ruska, yes it has but it's lovely to see you again.

I do appreciate though how disappointing it has been for some readers to feel I've wandered away from real life and into fantasy and also how it has slowed the whole Lucy/Laura story down, especially at only one update a week! But looking at the bigger picture I think for those future readers who are able to read the whole finished archive at their own pace, the journey will seem less frustrating and hopefully more intriguing. I've always said you should write the stuff you want to read yourself and I think the truth of that can really be seen in my art. :)

Incidentally, my original storyline for the whole Lucy/Laura thing was a very short mystery which left the long finale that followed looking pretty downbeat and flat from my perspective. Several pages in to the new storyline (back in chapter 5) I felt my enthusiasm waning as a result and even considered axing quite a few pages just to be able to say the work was completed but when the 'haunted house' idea first came to mind it quickly stole my attention and refuelled my enthusiasm to write a better ending. So rightly or wrongly I felt compelled to go with my own feelings and suffer the consequences.

Sarah-Jane was always quite a popular name here just as Mary-Sue or Mary-anne probably was in the US so it's most likely that my choice for Janey had a subconcious connection to that as I've always felt the two names sounded good together. Lovely to find the name is still alive though even today!
October 7th, 2017
Hi guys,
This last chapter has been a very long tale of mystery and unsolved riddles for almost two years now and I know it must be very frustrating at times to have to wait so long for those explanations but we are finally here and next week your patience will be rewarded as Ron begins to tell us all, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Laura. No more red-herrings or new questions, just the plain but maybe not so simple, unvarnished truth.
And of course this whole business with Lenore and the curse of Carlingford will naturally unfold as we go. ;)
Oh wow... it's been ages! I forgot to check back to see if you've continued after your hiatus last year and then basically forgot about SmackJeeves altogether!

I admit I found the supernatural elements of this story line tiresome and it's good to finally be getting at the truth. The art though! Oh my god!

It's really nice to catch up to SS again :) I've missed you!

I just realized! I have an art teacher who's from London whose name is Sarah-Jane! (basically Sarah+Janey!) That's a funny coincidence!
Well, we'll see what happens. But take the day off work??

Well, at least it wasn't, "Could you call into work and tell them that you've decided to go globe-trotting for six months and that you don't have a forwarding address or an internet connection? Why? Oh, no particular reason."
That seems somewhat drastic, he seems more and more threatening. His poses too, great job on that! I can't wait to see what happens.
I love the panel of Lucy and Sarah hugging, but it feels like she's saying "remember that I love you, if something happens to me."
@kidcthulhu: Then im not sure why they didn't warn her sooner? Unless they were hoping she wouldnt notice before it was too late.
While Lucy havent shown much tendencies of being controling or anything yet and the father has, its easier to just think the dad is the crazy one. BUT.... We'll see!