Simply Sarah

Simply Sarah

by skyangel
A slice-of-life story about people and their own unique problems as seen through the eyes of one girl as she grows up dealing with her own.
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Simply Sarah

A slice-of-life story about people and their own unique problems as seen through the eyes of one girl as she grows up dealing with her own.


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I always enjoy Nikki scenes, it's so lovely to see them get along :)
I forgot that Sare kept it after she found it in the trash! Strange she didn't mention it to Nikki earlier.
"Just to get a break from Carlingford. . . " Oh dear. But overall a nice quiet strip for this week. Though I'm still a little unsure about the idea of a comic strip within a comic strip; maybe a bit too "meta?"
@skyangel: That's a valid point about keeping things moving. And interesting one about how Lucy and Janey's feelings towards their firsts are also shaped by guilt.

See what happens next.
@Fruitbat44: If this had been a finished work to be read at the readers leisure I may well have done that extra page but as you guys have to wait a whole week between updates I often feel I should try and keep things moving if possible.
And yes, first loves do seem to have that hold on us I feel, I know mine did and although I've not seen her more over 20 years now I still count a lot of those first experiences as being something very special because they had such an impact on my life at the time. My own feelings about this page are that it's Lucy and Janey who are the ones who really find it hardest to let go because they both have a degree of guilt over being the ones to ruin it.
@kidcthulhu: Thankyou :)
Well, well, well. Well done Sarah. And I feel sorry for thinking she'd try and squirm out of it.

Interesting approach by Sky about fast forwarding through Sarah's confession and focusing on the reaction to it.

And a rather shivering ending to this strip with Sarah realising that we can never forget our first loves. Even if they ended badly. (In death for Lucy, and in betrayal for Sarah.)

But perhaps the really important point (or question) is while we can never forget our first loves, can we still move on from them?
This is a very well-crafted page. I think the way you presented it worked really well (we didn't necessarily need to see Sare's cringe-worthy confession). And that last panel is perfect.
For the sake of keeping things moving I felt it was unnecessary to show Sarah's squirming confession and cut to the effects of it instead. It's also been a chance to compare Lucy's relationship with Sarah to that of Janey's to Kirsty.
I agree about your readers never forgiving you. While 1a would have been a very dramatic twist; it's probably not a good direction to go in. (Although I'm ideally contemplating Sarah being haunted for the rest of her life by visions of (Edit: sorry, Lucy & Laura)sweetly holding hands . . . )

Thanks for sharing you experiences, and I think a degree of ambiguity can be good.

See what happens next.
@skyangel: Thanks! She's an important character in my new comic project :)
It is interesting to see how one event can be explained in different ways. I just hope Lucy will be okay in the end!
@Fruitbat44: Yessss! I seem to remember a few pages back you mentioned the possibility of this scene occurring between them but to avoid ruining the surprises for others I try to keep my responses as low key as possible until we've arrived.

1a would make a fascinating twist in the tale but I'm not sure any readers would forgive me for that! lol

Great point about page 569 tho, and your assumption is correct. Back in my teens when I found myself alone in the house I'd sometimes get spooked by a single sound from upstairs and imagine somebody was up there. I'd be too scared to go up and just stand at the bottom listening intently, and the more I listened the more my imagination convinced me I could hear footsteps, breathing etc until I'd panic and run out into the garden. So I wanted to play on this idea for the script on that page. Sarah also thought she heard a fist coming down on the piano but Lucy's contradiction suggests it probbaly was all in sarah's mind.. unless of course Laura or Lenore opened the door again after slamming it! :)
@kidcthulhu: I hope she takes your advice! :)
@Karlijn: I know I've been mean to Lucy but at the same time it was fun to think how easily a few normal events could take on a supernatural perspective. Love the new Avatar btw!!
@fallopiancrusader: haha I couldn't let her get away with that. ;)
Ah! So my speculation about Sarah's snooping being discovered, and misinterpreted, were correct.

And now, as Sky has pointed out, Sarah has two choices:

1. Make a clean breast of it, confess to her snooping and her motivation for snooping, and hope her and Lucy's relationship survives this.

1a. They are alone at the top of a tall tower. If things got heated someone might be going on a very short aerial tour of Warwick. -eg- (An unlikely scenario, but heated arguments can get *very* heated)

2. Keep stum and hope for the best.

I've a strong suspicion next weeks strip will involve the words, "Is anybody there?" -eg-

One random point, Lucy says she found the door to Laura's room open. When Sarah fled the room back in #569, she swore she heard the door slam behind her. Sarah's over-heated imagination playing tricks? Simply she slammed it behind her, but it didn't actually catch? Or something else?
Sare really needs to step up the plate here, admit everything, and prepare for the fallout. Otherwise, it's just going to get worse...
Oh that's awkward! I would completely freeze, Lucy seems so happy, I feel bad for the both of them :(
HaHa, just as I suspected: Sarah's compulsive snooping would come back to bite her in the ass at some point!
As you may recall... Back on Page 8(SS6) Sarah took the key from Lucy's bedside cabinet when she decided to search Laura's room for clues. She also found the planchette under the bed but because she got spooked by the idea that the room was haunted she fled, leaving behind enough evidence for Lucy to find and come to the wrong conclusion!

Now Sarah has to decided whether to confess the truth or risk poor misguided Lucy messing with that Ouija board again!

Have a nice week :)