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Simply Sarah

Simply Sarah

by skyangel
A slice-of-life story about people and their own unique problems as seen through the eyes of one girl as she grows up dealing with her own.
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Simply Sarah

A slice-of-life story about people and their own unique problems as seen through the eyes of one girl as she grows up dealing with her own.


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Loving this. Stuff watching things on netflix this is what I wait for each week!
January 21st, 2018
These pages are so intens! I'm so eager to find out what he did.
With the first frame I did wonder if the mask was slipping big time . . . and if Sarah was going to rely on the traditional counter of bringing her knee up sharpish. -eg- But fortunately the situation "resolved" without serious violence.

Hmm . . . and next week Ron's confession gets darker . . .
January 20th, 2018
If cliffhangers had a rank, this would be the cliffhanger GOD!
Once again, you have us on the edge of our seats, desperately waiting for the next piece of the puzzle...
January 20th, 2018
Throughout the Carlingford story we've seen Ron as a fairly lively and loud man who has shown evidence of a quick temper more than once, but to me he felt like a fairly average guy on the whole as he's made some nice gestures along the way even though his motives were questionable, but for those of you who never felt totally comfortable with him I guess this is your moment. He knows he's crossed a line that nobody will forgive him for easily, if at all; and good old Sarah, whose stood up to his intimidation and subtle threats has finally made him face reality.

Next week: We go back in time to see what Ron did to make sure Laura stayed ‘dead’
@kidcthulhu: Haha Next page will certainly help ease that pain. Things are moving much faster now. :)
@MichaelHartman: It was a nice page to do because although I'd already written the script I then read a reader comment saying they were surprised Laura gave up on Lucy so easily, which felt to me like the most crucial flaw in Ron's story that Sarah was most likely to pick up on, especially as she could relate through how she felt herself towards Janey.
@Fruitbat44: Sarah's track record for jumping to the right conclusions isn't always that great so far, as you know, but her empathy towards Laura being drawn from her own experiences with Janey quite possibly have some substance. And yes! At least she can drive away in a hurry now if things take a more sinister turn!
The cliff hanger is killing me. Also like how the last 3 panels are like smash cuts in film. Well done, Sare.
Bravo you hit a few good points that gives Sarah some depth. She is showing some smarts in thinking of this, and she knows she might be shoved out of every thing soon.
Is Sarah right? Has she spotted the flaw in Ron's story? Or has she missed something and instead zeroed in on a non-exsistent flaw?

Either was I'm glad her tire was fully inflated before she set off on this train-of-thought . . . although Sarah isn't actually famous for thinking things through before leaping into action.

We shall see . . .
This is the moment Sarah digests Ron's testimony and tries to put herself in Laura's shoes which brings her to a rather disturbing conclusion. The question is, if Sarah's right and Laura did decide to come back…why didn't she?
Find out next week! ;)
@skyangel: Either way it would have been enjoyable, but this is probably more memorable!
Wacom tablet
This arrived and was promptly appropriated by a twin. I've ordered another two.

Being heterosexual tends to result in babies. Babies grow up and can do fanart. This comic is older than they are.

Umm, is it OK for left-handers?

Yes it is. Look here. See? Oooooh! Want!

Expect fanart.
@Fruitbat44: Haha I love the way you put that! Yes, Sarah's arrival at Carlingford was no doubt a great relief to Ron as he must have felt all his worries were over, but he didn't bargain on her insatiable curiousity! As for the crow, I'm glad you brought that up as I think most readers have forgotten about that little sideline story. It wouldn't mean anything to this page but it will have relevance in a few pages time. ;)
@kidcthulhu: Hopefully Sarah will also feel it all makes sense though I know there's one niggling little thought that's still disturbing her at the moment! :)
@Karlijn: Haha I did originally plan to just do another version of the girl meets girl romance like the very first chapter but when I felt I was just treading old ground again I decided to make the story a bit more unique. ;)
Well Sarah may be cannier than I am since . . . unless the reason Laura wanted to spilt with Lucy was because she thought she was her sister?

Nice of Ron to pump up Sarah's tyre for her. (Hmmm . . . probably best if Sarah waits for him to finish before giving him an earful.) Oh, and Sarah's just what Ron's been waiting to for to slot into Lucy's life . . . nice.

Anyway I am looking forward to seeing what Sarah has to say.

Oh and is it a good omen or a bad one, that there's no crow in this page?
Ah, so the last piece of the puzzle fits; Laura was done with Lucy after all that and Lucy never would have been handle that rejection. I'm with Karlijn. It's weird but it all makes sense ^_^