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BlueJimmy Template is created by Joe for use with SmackJeeves. You may use it/change freely as long as:
1. The site remains on SmackJeeves
2. You credit Jimmydabomb and include a link to his profile.
3. You have an active link to SmackJeeves.

Please PM JimmyDabomb if you have any questions (I work for donator codes :D)

Recent Comments

The Avatar images and names exist in their own floated Div. While this will occasionally make things look a little strange (especially when there's a very long word right next to the avatar image) the vast majority of the time, it's gonna look awesome.

If there is no avatar, then the name itself is posted in a box. This makes the author of a given comment easy to tell at a glance, and looks super sweet.
Author Comments
You might be amazed to see that the author comment box will be hidden most of the time. When there are no author comments, BlueJimmy doesn't render the author comment box, and sets the Reader comment box to sit in the center. This is a hack of PHP which was incredibly easy to pull off, and allows the side to maintain an awesome look even when there's an imbalance of comments.
The posts are surrounded by lines. This will result in double lines when there's no Edit or Delete function, but that's not really a bad thing. The function of these lines is to keep the posts separate, and is handled in the minimal fashion that I love.
May 3rd, 2008
Guest comments
This is what a guest comment will look like. (as well as demonstrate what a reader who has no avatar would look like). It also shows off how nicely things stack.
April 28th, 2008
Reader Comments
This is a perfect example of a Reader Comment without a corresponding Author Comment. Feel free to marvel at how nicely everything is centered.

When there is an author comment, but no reader comment, there will still be two comment columns, as the "Post a comment" button still needs to render, and still needs the reader's section to render in.

However the "Reader Comments" text will be hidden.