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by Neko-Kurai
He loved her and she loved...yaoi.

This comic contains very strong hints of BL (boys love) and GL (girls love), but only hints.
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9 Years Ago
He loved her and she loved...yaoi.

This comic contains very strong hints of BL (boys love) and GL (girls love), but only hints.


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This comic is really fantastic so far :D I love your artwork! I can't wait to see where you go with this!.DO You wanna read mine??? n.n
Update! ^^
:D you updated (hallelujah)
is it over?
Ahaha I wonder who her next prince would be xD
Wow Med school nice :)
take your time~! pretty comics can have waiting time~!!! :L (drewoool)
Yeahhhh.....yeahhhhh....I'm so sorry...things have been pretty hectic around here. I started med school last month and I've been living by myself for the very first time...I'm still trying to adjust. Sorry?
Gosh, I really need to finish this chapter....
T-that is WRONG!
*nusebleed* (he likes it)
I'm terribly sorry..this may be a typo, but it's asexual, not assexual.
It made me giggle. SHE IS ALL ABOUT THE ASS.
Ah ha ha ha XD He says it's wrong, but got a nosebleed any way XD
W-WHY IS HE NOSEBLEEDING? o Ao;; -hitshim-
Urg, I'm so sorry this page sucks, I dislike it a lot.
Thing is...I'll be moving to another state tomorrow, so it's a miracle I actually had time to update.
I'm not sure I'll be able to update next week though...hope you guys can understand. -w-

Kawaii-chan<3: She really should xD
Carramae: Nope, men like this don't live in his world
imeshness09: It does! xD
MIDOxRI: Don't we all do that? lol
wicked kisameru: Hahaha, she really is!
Pure.... Omfglolrotfllmao xD she is evil! Beware xDDD
February 7th, 2011
Yay for smiling purely and sweetly while reading 18+ yaoi :"D
Can't wait to see Natsumi's reaction!

And surely Hiko hasn't laid eyes on Jaejoong of DBSK! That man is BEAUTIFUL hohoho :P
/// My updates will be on sunday instead of saturday from now on /// (well, at least for a while)

Daiasoes-> I was hoping someone would ask that just so I could answer: **~It's the shoujo magic!!~** xD
Eternalxsnow-> Yup, that's such a pain to draw. Oh, well, I like long hair anyway
Carramae-> Hiko lives in a world where men can't be that pretty. That's why he's going to suffer through this comic xD
Nyanko-tan-> Yeah, I was wondering if people would remember her! Sadly, that's pure shoujo magic. It works in mysterious ways!
you're welcome!
haha that kinda threw me off, but then i was wondering what happened to that mysterious girl all along XD. and does all that hair go under one tiny wig D: I WANT HER SECRET!!! (has hair down to my waist)
Haha the "My world makes sense!" comment made me laughXD
Such looong prettyful hair *o*