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Me and my characters - and others who want to - randomly and pointlessly duke it out. Interested? Join the brawl!

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Mr. Game and Watch!!!
Who among ye think I should surrender this comic to 05wheldon? I'm busy with other comics (Survive, Check for Traps, RPGitM...) and I haven't updated this one in like... forever. Who says this comic goes to he?
Wario and Waluigi haven't been forgotten.
September 28th, 2009
Just incase it hasn't been clear enough, Joe is incapable of dying and that is the power Kirby has copied. *cue Kirby invincibility music*

Also, the guy/gal who can correctly identify the sprite in the first panel gets a cyber cookie.
He would be still unconscious from the Chaos Phoenix transformation so there wouldn't be much difference from what he was like before the explosion.
Curaga is also known as Cure 3 in most games. He knows the previous two cures and that's it for white magic. He knows powerful black magic as witnessed in the previous comic.
I finally gave myself some abilities.
July 22nd, 2009
Finally his reason for joining the villians is revealed.
The clown still remains a mystery to everyone except me and maybe PoC.
I don't plan to bring Mega back in but I can't confirm any plans Phoenix has in mind.
Kirby should just eat Spider Joe.
Author's can't die in their own comic.
A result of me forgetting to apply the glow effect and the head in the previous comic.
Let the darkness rise...
You rarely get a comment besides the author comment, and I have to say, good work on this one.
About time someone introduced him into the comic.
No, he means lazy. Although busy with other comics is good too...
Yes, he's lazy