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Have you ever been stuck in Tokyo with a flake for a boyfriend??

Ru has.

and its hard with all the cuties around.

yaoi warning.

just a for warning

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>.< I LUVS IT i always tried to find something jroc ish on here and i found something oshare kei. * claps with glee* great fanart! :3 i hope ure still alive on here.
You should updaaaaaaate you left it at such a ...bad place! >__<
please ;-; i loves you!
the eyes are suppose to be dark.

its oshare kei hahaha
Fanart is so awesome. :D I loved drawing it... the face was fun <3 Sorry the eyes are do dark... >>

From THE AMAZING lavender_youko


go there no

Castration! Unfaithfulness deserves chopping of male organs that are used for reproduction!..erm..sorry..>.>

Poor Kai..he looks so sad when he says ok..I just wanna cry 'cause of the look he has. Pick up the phone know you wanna..Do it! Do iiiiitttt!
Lady Demonessa
May 23rd, 2008
See, now with this one..I have no problems whatsoever with the fake eyelashes XD. Sex with fake eyelashes on..XD...
poor kai
awww kaiiiii

i wouldnt want to break kai's heart.

poor ru.
and if you guys didnt catch that

that guy/girl kissing was m
ru's boyfriend he masterbates too.

omg!!! thank you SOOO much!!!!

*warm fuzzies*
May 22nd, 2008
OMG I LOVE HOW YOU DO The EYES HAIR LIPS FACE everything ;-; I will fav you nows ^^
youll see on the next page.

and ya im not too excited about the lashes.

but they are apart of ru
well ru's outside girly look.

when he is in his home or alone with people *cough cough* they are not there.

you ever have sex with fake eyelashes?

not an easy feat lololol
ya the thingies are makeup


and thanks.

i just get so girly sometimes hahaha.
he is soo amazing.

you get an idea of who is based off of.


sexy sexy bou from an cafe.

ohhh yes.
I recognize nothing! 'cept I don't like his eyes XD. with lashes or whatever that is XD. Wow..he's really thin..I'd be araid to hug him.
Nice. I like the way he looks without the his eyes..the makeup maybe? I don't wear any so I don't know all the technical terms for them XD. Author rambling=total awesomeness lol.
do you guys recognize him??



if not, you will the next page
so there should be no more confusion on ru's sex.


OMG this was soo hard to draw without blushing.

but ya i didnt make it a smooth transition between ru pleasuring himself and the phone call to kai.

without revealing too much he wants to tell kai some things.

and masturbation made him decide to do that? idk

im rambling.

ru is a cross-dresser!!!

Ru's look does kinda scream girl..boy..confused maybe? XD. *faves* >.>
*drools* He looks yummy.