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Amy goes bad! She is tired of being rejected by Sonic and is now ready to take revenge!
updates on weekends when possible.

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Knuckles is screwed. Amy, you didn't have to go all evil jusdt for sonic. Jeez, Amy's taking it to far. can you post the link for the amy sprites plz? when's the next part coming? can you make another comic saying when you'll update? for example: "Every saturday. if not, I will update later in the week. later.
When will the next part be out?
daxs rader
September 30th, 2010
forgot my sprites
daxs rader
September 30th, 2010
here,s mine
name:cth14 aka chris the hedgehog
bio:he,s a energetic hedgehog with a good heart for other

abilities:the power to chaos control with out a chaos emerald,super speed,powerful kicks,and a super form that,s it
Cameo Alert!!
Name: McKayla the Fox
Gender: Female
Bio: A British tomboy that despises Tails and has a very short fuse.

Abilities: Technology(better than Tails), Strength, is a martial arts master, and can kick so fast and so hard it will LITERALLY send you into next week. (please edit to make these things possible)
well first pm us your idea for a banner then we will consider it
the amy sprites are still in the work sorry, and meta can be found on mystical forest zone.
Question can I work on the banner?
whoa! that was fast dude.
um... can we hav those metals sprites as for the dark amy can i hav those too
we might need them.

still, good to hav you on board TG
and yes, I'm now working on this comic and giving my assistance
Mist th
October 7th, 2009
Lame really lame.
This comic is not funny I am not amused.
poor knuckel-head
September 26th, 2009
won't update for a while

and mick probably won't come back cuz he was banned but kally might
Never loses a battle is Gmod.
July 26th, 2009
i'll cameo u alrdy hav my sprites
July 26th, 2009
and our second cameo "kally" by polly2 (also that black barrier is by kally)

anyway thing are starting to get interesting
this is not part of the series to see the real comic go to the next page
we need a short bio, character name, gender, and abilities
we may not have photoshop but we have effects
and we're back
woot we return w/ our 1st cameo Mick the Hedgie

if you want to camoe PM us
we changed her design