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The Blue Ninja deals with the struggles of everyday life in the Megaman household. Hilarity insures.

Updated Whenever.


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I guess Mega Man can have his power, or in this case, "identity" stolen by, er himself? But only when he's powered down, which makes sense, since he does need to defeat the Robot Masters to get their powers. And obviously Quint wouldn't want to power down Mega Man by himself, lest he risk screwing up and causing a horrible paradox.
I read through the entire bob and george archive and it made me all nostalgic what can I say

to be honest that comic is not as great as I once thought but eh it still has a place in my heart
In all honesty I think the best part of this comic is the title.

Also, I'm back or something. :I
There are many people who say oh, led Zeppelin is the best! and, the Beatles suck Madonna for the win!. (I hate metallica by the way. What about the who?)
I agree with nachoman. I love music. I listen to it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It's the only thing that keeps me going. I know of the Beatles, eagles and the Allman brothers. My favourite genre is blues and Rock 'n' roll. (not rock, which isn't as good) Things I hate are rap, 'child' rock like Jonas brothers and the dreaded 'pop rock'. Perhaps you know of don mclean? you should add him and John lee hooker.
I use MSword!
I ******* hate nuns. :)
I'd bring a guitar a laptop with wireless internet to look for music and luczade because is's meant to help your health.
Damn bill gates to hell. I'm writing a comic about his attempts at world domination.
sometimes I can't see whole comics, it's just that tiny grey blue and red thing in a comic sized box.
ah, knowledge of the future is re-assuring.
Yay! Guitar! yay!
normal coloured skin! I just realized
Not all author comics are n00b infested grammar-less Jpegs. Some have plot and people who want to socialise in the form of comics. So don't bad-mouth whole genre just because one webcomic is terrible.

Satellite of love
I cannot see the image.
satellite of love!
I Hear him too. (I'm about the Non-Ninja guy)