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Accepting Author Applications

Good spriters, good grammar, overall knowledge of comic making. Must not be a faggot.

Must send your sprites and a sample page to Tron for review before you can be accepted.
Apply as a Co-Author
A comic based on the game "The World Ends with You". Authors can assume the position of Players (good guys) or Reapers (bad guys).
Players must win the Reaper's Game to return to the real world. A fierce struggle between pure souls and bringers of death begins!


1. Your sprite must be humanoid. This applies to everyone, even demons.

2. If you are a Player, and you decide to introduce yourself after Day 1 of the current week, please, I cannot stress this enough, PLEASE do not make your comic seem as if you are starting off on Day 1. For example, you cannot say "Oh, where am I?" or "What's happening?" Since it is past Day 1, you must already know what you're doing and have a partner. No Pacting after day one.

3. Use your imagination. Don't restrict yourself from getting involved in the story. However, if your idea is pretty drastic, please ask first.

"The World Ends with You" is property of Square-Enix.
All sprites credited to respective owners.

Players: 6/20
Reapers: 4/20

Current Day: Week 3- Day 0
Current GM: ???

Reaper Channel:

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June 23rd, 2016

is anyone going to delete this? still getting emails on comments
I know right?
Loki (Guest)
April 22nd, 2015
Man, this comic was such shit.

Dead forever RIP in peace.
September 11th, 2014
I come back and I find you guys haven't even started Week 3.

Jeeze guys.
January 17th, 2014
And here I was thinking that the next chapter would start and I could begin making my intro...Anyway, that's a good laugh!
The Reapers Game: End Game Preview
Hey guys here is my small preview for The Reapers Game: End Game. It is so awesome to be working on this project and I hope to finally put this series to rest with a nice cool animation. I'll announce when its being worked on again on my youtube or skype so stay tuned and I'' keep you guys post it.
August 27th, 2013
Wow, you guys got since the last time I was here.
If anyone has Ani's noise form sprites pls send them to me I'm gonna animate the whole Ani Battle
Guis I'm officially moving to animations, you can see my skill level here and I'll most likely do my updates in forms of animations. Is Week 2 over yet and does anyone have my sprites? lol

kh3 confirmed.
*pokes head in* wow... I've been gone long... what I miss peeps this thing still around?
OH btw if anyone wants to catch me these days im mostly on Skype
rayunR49 is the names drop me a line some time would be great to catch up with the old gang :3
April 16th, 2013
gets better then worse then better
April 15th, 2013
Kind of liking the story, but IDK what the fuck is happening in the fighting scenes.
April 7th, 2013
yah so some people need to pm me if there a are player or reaper for week 3. Also dont worry about the backgrounds for now i got it. Also the plot is alot more new player friendly since RG no longer pilots Raine.
There is a number of city backgrounds on sdb, such as Bleach DS 4th, which are also not isometric, so more suitable for the sprites we use, even if the size is a bit off.
Just added you elernalstorm, Im KiidXIII
Well SR for that we do sorta need a username to add onto our contact list

Skype Username: Rescue_X for those that want to add me.
You guys can add me on skype