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Sonic and Tails have their toughest opponents yet: Shadow & Knuckles. How can they defeat such rivals/friends.

Updates every weekend (if possible).

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Great comic Ult, lol
Gen the Fox.
December 19th, 2010
Ultimate please update this comaic again.
Yes, you DID post this twice. Not to mention the storyline is going snail slow *sees snail go faster than storyline* Speed Demon...
You posted it twice.
as the title says
as the title says
update you need to update
plz look at this game
December 20th, 2008
December 17th, 2008
Shadow should have chaos control them out
yeah i Know

PS can you tell others about my comic
Nice.. but needed skybackground
December 12th, 2008
Nice comic

PS i'll soon update dark amy
to Whip the rabbit
i actually did not resize at all on this comic
For someone witha Recolour Fancharacter and bad backgrounds, your comic isn't as bad as it could be. For one, your using Special effects, your also Using different sprites in each panel, something that alot of begginer Comic-makers do.
Somethings you may want to work on is your spacing in the speech bubbles, your backgrounds could be a bit more professional ( if you can't make any, which not alot of people can) and DOn't resize. if you must resize, do it 200X200, not some random numer, it makes it look horrible.
fav'd. but be very gentle. I'm a shadow fan, and not very fond of reticule.
The outcome is blatantly obvious.
i was in boarding school in nigeria (a country in africa) but i'm here for the holidays
updates now come on... well... any time possible
plus i might update for all those other comics i'm in

PS on episode three its not like i hate shadow in fact he's my favorite sonic character
to poo mc goo
thanks and sorry for the fight scene. i was really tired from my trip
4th of july
WOOT 4th of july